Darrell Clarke’s contacts list

Just read the E&S article, says his contacts list is ‘massive’ and there’s no club he can’t get into.

Sounds like exciting times for us in the January window given Darrells extensive contacts and I am sure now he’s seen half a season of competitive football of those players he signed and what he inherited he knows exactly what is required and has the contacts to get them.

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You can only get what the budget allows, regardless of who is recommended by your list of contacts.

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So are you actually saying that he couldn’t have brought much better players in than the majority of the ones he has ?
He has brought in some relatively expensive signings Guthrie, Liddle, Adabayo , plus DC and his backroom staff would not have been cheap .
Looking at just those 3 players if he hasn’t got better than that in his "contact " book it’s not looking good for January :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I’m not saying he won’t do better, but people are purposely saying “oh it’ll all be fine in January because of his contact list” just to be funny and so they can wait for him to fail. Facts are, as I said in another thread, your contacts can give you glowing opinions but if your budget doesn’t stretch then you’ll have to go for players with a less glowing opinion.

As for Guthrie, Liddle and Adebayo… I don’t remember many people criticising the Guthrie and Liddle signings when we brought them in at a time when the fans were crying out for experience. It just so happens that we’ve all found out that Guthrie’s fitness isn’t quite at it and Liddle is probably past it, but at the time of signing them they looked good signings. Nothing to suggest Adebayo is an expensive signing either. A kid signed from Fulham who had had less than impressive loan spells in this very league.

The back room staff might be expensive but every manager needs coaches. I remember people moaning about Whitney not having many staff, now we have a manager with his own staff it’s too expensive… shall we go back to a manager and one inexperienced assistant alongside him then?

So yeah, he might have better players than that in his contact list, but if they want 3k a week and we’re only willing to offer 1.5k then we aren’t going to get them.


Do you get paid overtime when you post outside office hours?

Wow, just imagine the feeling of being told no by so many different players, clubs and agents.

Some of what you say is reasonable , but if we are using 1.5k as a bench mark I would have thought that there would be many better options for that money.
As for the back room staff I never said they were too expensive and yes it’s important to have good staff.

Come back Whitney (as physio!) all is forgiven :anguished:. Find us some more repairable crocks.:smiley:

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He’s going to have his work cut out with Liddle.

Not anymore apparently…

That passed me by.

Walsall defender Gary Liddle joins Hartlepool on loan …:+1:

lucky Monkey Hangers

No, the Jon Whitney bit…

Sorry thought you meant the Liddle bit …

Clearly :laughing:

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Looking at the deteriorating situation at Macclesfield it looks like they will struggle to survive , they appeared to have a couple’of decent players last Saturday if they do go under they would be worth a look and definitely within our budget.


Definitely think Macclesfield will be in Darrells contacts list.

Us, Mansfield and Bradford all in the hunt for Baka from Cov cos his contract is up in the summer

I hope too god sky sports are wrong

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When Bakayoko left us for Coventry, Bristol Rovers (managed by DC at the time) were also in for him so it could carry some weight.