Darrell Clarke: We're getting back to the Walsall way

For the first time this season I couldn’t agree with him more. I know mine, and a lot of others issues, have been painted as wanting everything now culture problem. But this is way closer to the truth.

Most Walsall fans just want a team to be proud of that is somewhat exciting to watch. None of us are glory hunters. None of us want to be in the champions league. That is what they have provided the last two games.

Long may it continue. UTS.



Says you.


Doing better now. Still some odd team selections and calls but that’s obviously not going to be as debated as much when team starts regularly winning.

The key for me was switching from 3-5-2 which clearly wasn’t working to 4-3-3. Look at how much more dangerous the forward plays are and it’s reflected now in the goal tally.

Feels a little like when Dean Smith was trying to find an effective formation and came cross the 4-3-3 with Brandy, Grigg and Paterson running riot for six months and that became the template for the following years.

Now Mr Clarke a few more home wins is the next task. The home and away respective tables say it all.

Just 10 home goals compared to 15 away.

Yeah, says me :smiley:

And me

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For all the clarke haters now is the time to get behind him and give the man the respect he deserves for he has performed a mini miracle hes got us within touching distance of the playoffs from the scrap heap with plenty of games to go :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Darrell Clarke’s Barmy Army :notes:


Miracles might be a touch to far for me, but he certainly seems to have steered the ship around,

I never doubted him,Honest :roll_eyes: haha. Hopefully he does what his record suggests and gives us a second half of the season to remember. Not sure about this Walsall way tho, he should have seen us under smith.

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Thanks for taking the time and interest to post Oneday83.
And of course we all hope you are right.


Bit out of tune there Peel…:grimacing:

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Decent run. Just need maybe a few more goals. And to win more often at home. The Manager is winning me over by the week.

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There are some serious weathercocks on this site. Whichever way the wind is blowing at the time…


He can tinker with who/what he wants if he gets us promoted :wink:

Another Rovers fan here! Trust DC - he has his tried and tested methods of working, and Rovers didn’t do too badly under his tenure. All the best for the rest of the season.


Crazy too see so much support for one man so long after hes gone! Thanks for the honest words tho boys, You did all tell us this i suppose…Lets just hope it continues

One question would be, with his previous success did he lose key players he wanted to keep because the money wasn’t there or not want to be spent?

The fans focus meeting this week should be interesting!

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I ay convinced he knows what he is doing to be honest :smile: he is more like a fucking rubix cube :rofl: but what i do know is we were fantastic today and if it continues then i will suport him but i do expect us to lose the next home game for some reason and we are back to square one :worried:

Anyone who’s seen my posts on here will know I’ve never doubted him and called for his head at any time I’ve doubted the clubs backing of him and I’ll continue to do that unless they show me this month they want to push for the play offs this season and bring 3 or 4 decent players in which could be crucial the position we are currently in we can still make a push for the play offs it’s only 6 points and there are 20 games left back the bloke Pomlett please .

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