Darren Byfield

Hearing he is to be announced as first team coach tomorrow


Knows the club knows the league with his time at Crawley, some will be underwhelmed but I’d be ok with this tbh


Crawley fans wanted him to stay on as manager reading on their forum, general consensus was he did good considering.

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Heard that about 8 weeks ago along with the David Kelly rumour so as the latter didn’t happen for various reasons I assumed Byfield wasn’t. I think it would be a decent appointment.

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As above comments would welcome Daz. Well respected coach.

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As a coach I’d be happy with this if true
Attacking coach Aswell
Knows the club
Millennium stadium
next future manager when the inevitable happens after intense 5 week interviews


if true it would be the right step up for him. Done his time in non-league etc

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I will wait until tomorrow to see if this is confirmed before commenting.

Earned his stripes in non league. Will have a few connections as well

Good appointment

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I will just reserve comment

If true would their released forward Kwesi Appiah follow?
Byfleld would be good,knows league 2,been a coach and will help the forwards.He may also know some decent non league players.

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Be a decent enough signing but could we have Dom Telford please? :rofl:

What’s his record been as a Football League Coach & Non League Managers

Has he got promotions / great escapes / cup wins or brought players along ? Has he over achieved ? Impressed fellow coaches

Other than the fact he’s an ex player, has coached at a League Two Club. Like to think this wasn’t a lazy appointment by the club.


Not sure about this if true. Has only limited experience at league level but if he comes I hope, of course, he does well.

Looking at the appointments and signings so far i wouldn’t say they were lazy very much strategical.

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Its an easy appointment if anything i suppose nothing exciting but good enough.

Bringing back Douglas James Taylor was a lazy signing. Cant see the strategy in that one!!!

I fail to beleive that there aren’t much better players released on a free fitting the same age profile and budget.

Hes useless. I know he’s young. But one of the worst Walsall strikers we’ve had. And we’ve had a few

To write off a young player as you do is wrong. I am not sure about him but lets give the lad a chance. The club who have seen much more of him than us obviously think he is worth a punt.


He might come ok eventually but showed nothing here. To me has none of the attributes. Really poor first touch and not a willing runner to make up for his lack of ability.

Yes of course I hope it works out also.

Appalling attitude to young players trying to develop. Lookout Maher and Marvellous! !