David Okagbue signs

I think you’ll find it is Denby Derek, the potter. I’d have thought you’d have know that coming from Matlock :wink:

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Pity we couldn’t sign Pottery Pete.

Nah he’s too much of a crackpot mate

Too fired up you think to be a centre-back?

Only been here 15 years . You learn something new every day :grinning:

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He used to be a striker but he never scored unless it was on a plate for him.

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Is the Denby shop not in Matlock anymore? Spent a small fortune in there over the years.

Still have nightmares about there now…

There’s one in rowsley but never been in

The one I’m thinking of was in the main row of shops alongside the river.

I don’t think that’s there now. There is one just outside of Matlock

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I lived in Matlock from 1968-72 while training at the College, long since closed. Didn’t know Denby came from there.

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It’s a great place to live. Love it here. Only problem don’t get to go to many matches, but am hoping to rectify that this year

Since when have we been allowed to field 11 outfield players? :wink:


The American emergency formation.

More like the American “having an extra player on the pitch” formation. :laughing:


It doesn’t, it’s always been based in Denby village just down the road from where I live.

There’s a big shop at the factory site that gets pretty busy now. My missus’s family have collected the stuff for decades our kitchen is like a museum to the company.

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Looked assured enough when he came on, and a season on the training ground coupled with game time next to someone like Daniels is in my opinion going to do him nothing but good for his career.He’ll face tougher forwards in this league than he had to yesterday that’s for sure but as a mentor and international centre half’s go the lad could have been paired up with a heck of a lot worse than someone like Donervon that’s for sure.


Kobi vague dad

Saw these puns and my eyes glazed over.

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He is an old crock now

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