Dean Smith and John Terry


at the Villa. Does anyone think this will work? I cannot see how the team will listen to Dean when in the background there will be the lurking figure of Terry. I hope I am wrong for Dean’s sake but it looks like a match made in hell to me.


Smith is managing the team. Terry is looking after the WAGs.


Now that could work!


Will dean be given 2or3years at villa to get the team playing his way though that is the big question?


It’s a good point. Dean is a slow burner in management. If you want a quick bounce he’s not your man but then we’ve seen many have amazing starts and then things dramatically tail off.

I think it will be the same as Steve Bruce personally, get this season to sort the squad out and then next season is the realistic challenge.

Wonder what odds are on Walsall-Villa in a proper fixture in the near future. I still remember when he went to Brentford and then the two clubs drew each other in the cup two months later!


On the UTS Facebook page…


Would love to see him do well . But don’t think he will get the time… why did he not bring o’kelly with him sure that would help


Hounded Out within 18 months if he has a terrific start and 6 with an average one.

Horrible club with arrogant fans.


Have to agree, can’t see this partnership working, Terry would have wanted to be outright manager like his pal Lampard is at Derby.

The key to both Dean Smith and O’Dismals success was one man, Richard O’Kelly, Dean Smiths tenure at Walsall only improved when he was joined by O’Kelly.


Not sure it is the case that he is a slow burner when you think he dug us out of a massive hole in his first season.He was certainly in his development stage at Walsall, but had very limited resources. His record at Brentford has been good, again having to sell players all through his tenure.
This will be a very different challenge, due to the expectation of the club and the money available to him.


Yeah, but it’s one thing to propogate the sense of togetherness and get more from players to sustain a league status, than to have the sheer force of will and guile to get promoted from that most bitterly contested of divisions.

I’ll think he’ll do ‘okay’, then get chopped fairly quickly.


I reckon he’ll eventually wash up at league 2 Burton* or something similar where he’ll begin to rebuild his shattered confidence and spirit after being dealt a series of devastating blows.

*I said or something similar.


What I want to know is where does this leave Richard O’Kelly?


Bet Brentford are sh*****g themselves now…bracing themselves to lose half their players…:thinking::grin:


I’d like to think the players have more sense.
London to Birmingham and JT doing their WAG?


I think O’Kelly is joining him at Villa according to the Brentford fans site. A mixture of views on there but most wish him well. One bloke though makes a good point that Dean has been the Manager of 2 clubs which are stable and the fans understand that success doesn’t automatically happen whilst at Villa he will be under pressure from day one and will be expected to deliver promotion within 18 months.


I’m guessing every time Villa win a match JT will be straight off down the tunnel to change in to a full Villa kit to celebrate on the pitch?


Wish Dean luck and he will need it… having JT with him time will tell. Lets hope we get to play the vile next season… UTS


Fact is if Villa aren’t in the promotion mix come May he will be sacked.

However it was a no brainier for him to take the job. He deserves his chance and I really hope it works out for him.

And for anyone who’s questioned his loyalty give your head a wobble.


No issue with Smith doing well, just wish he was going to Villa having kept us in the Championship for two years.