Debating Walsall's play-off hopes

In our latest episode, we discuss the reasons why Walsall could make the play-off’s, and the things holding them back.

We also debate a specific player, and whether they should continue to feature in the squad…

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Looking at the fixtures, we have a great chance of finishing in the top 7. Certainly as good a chance as any of the other contenders. I can make a case for us winning any of them, although of course we won’t win them all.


Negative. :wink:


Looking at the next two home games.

Accrington will be tough to beat, one of several teams within striking distance of the play offs.

Doncaster have exactly the same record as us over the last 4 games (Won 3, drawn 1), so they won’t be the pushover some might think looking at the league table.

My fingers are crossed!

I am just delighted at the prospect of an interesting end of the season after the mediocrity of however many seasons it is (8?), since we last had anything to look forward to at this stage of the season.

These type of “supporters” wring the enjoyment out of supporting Walsall don’t they? :roll_eyes:


Our form and our run-in was one of the reasons that we listed as a reason why we could do it

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We’re all excited at the possibility of making the playoffs, it keeps the season alive and let’s be honest normally at the end of February these last few years it’s been pretty dismal.
Managers like to think no further ahead than the next game and for good reason, something I’d definitely agree with.
Let’s see where we are after tomorrow’s game.
I enjoyed the podcast boys especially the bit about dropping TA.
As DD and the priest are some way off from returning it’s not an issue (for now) however if the current back three are still performing as well as at present surely it would be sending out the wrong message to the player dropped.
DD is our captain but like any player has to earn the right to play not just stroll back into the team.
Only my opinion in fairness.


It’s exciting to be in the chase for the play offs but we are one more defensive injury away from major issues. With McEntee, Williams, Priest & DD out for the foreseeable future we have no cover on the bench for any of the back 3. It’s such bad luck that despite looking overloaded in that area of the pitch that we find ourselves in this position.

Fingers crossed the footballing gods shine on us and the current 3 can remain injury/suspension free for at least another month.

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Can it be done YES,

Is the squad currently good enough for YES
Are we playing well enough YES

Do we have the skills within the management team to see this through. That’s in doubt.

But while we have the wind in our sails and it remains a possibility it’s all systems go. Not that he gives a shit but he has my full backing at the moment.

Momentum is with us, let’s hope we can get something out of tonight’s game to keep the momentum going

I think each and every point gained will be huge for us

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13 games left……theres time for this good spell to end, have a bad spell AND have another good spell yet.

Many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip….

Keep calm folks :rofl:


I agree. Assuming that 72 points would get us into the play offs, we need 24 points out of the 39 available, or in other words we can afford to lose 15 points over the next 13 games.

So on a very worst case scenario, even if we lost the next 5 games our season would still theoretically be alive on the 23rd March when we play Swindon. In practice this is, I hope, highly unlikely, so even if we don’t eventually make it, we ought to go into April with something still to play for.

Big assumption that 72 points will be enough. It rarely is.

As a heads-up, it appears the EFL have brought forward the L1 and L2 finals to the weekend BEFORE the usual end May Bank Holiday weekend - the L2 final is on Sunday May 19th. Only the Championship final is on the BH weekend

… for the very optimistic holiday planners

Historically that is true, but this season is looking, so far, to be one where the requirement for 7th place may (and I emphasise may) be a bit lower than normal. At a similar stage last season Salford were 7th with 53 points from 34 games (1.56 points per game), and Mansfield in 8th had 52 from 32 (1.63 points per game). Whereas currently Gillingham sit in 7th with only 1.5 per game.

All a bit speculative I agree!


Could be this season how congested the table is mate

What a shame. I’m in the country for that date! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All I have to do now is persuade Mrs Exile that a side trip to Wembley is better than tramping in the Lake District… :thinking:


Do we have the skills within the management team to see this through. That’s in doubt.

They’ve gotten us this far, haven’t they?

You’ve missed the point here.

The point is - Consistency needs delivering. 4 wins on the spin good. 6 games no win not good.

Not making the play offs this season with this group will be a failure.

Also take in to consideration that we’re could only be an injury or 2 from serious issues at the back. Skip, Priest, and Williams all injured and “a few weeks” from returning. If lose another CB - be it from injury or suspension, then what are our options? Coms in to the back 3 with Stirk as the DCM? or drop to a back 4? Have we got anyone else other then Taylor Allen who can cover LWB? If not then Gords could be a risk too if anything happens to him.

Exciting times!

Worrying times!