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Defence - what is going on?


No he shouldn’t be left back either , he should be given time to come back into his natural position .


Although in all fairness I reckon he could do a better job than Leahy … when fit


I think my original rationale was trying to get in as many players who can play - rather than keep Devlin and Leahy in there. I genuinely think they are that detrimental to the side.

I think El nombre has come round to understanding they’re both crap now - which is good. 4 out of the 5 goals on Saturday were from crosses. Obviously not just their fault - but they’re involved in awful defensive situations time and time again. We won’t get any better unless they’re out the side.

So what do we do? Just stick with them and keep shipping in goals? Or try something new ?


Agree entirely , and that was my point also . If we have to patch the team up in the short term then it’s seems the most logical asnswer to the problem.

Osbourne is great no, but hey he’s a better midfielder than Devlin and Leahy are defenders.

But the key is bringing players in , only proble there is we also need a centre back and I don’t see us getting all 3.

However I think the message from the board will be to just keep us no matter where we end up. With that I mind I see ya just limping over the finish line with no real wholesale changes.


Come round? How many times do I have to post what I originally said.

That they are bang average but it’s not all their fault and that we are probably stuck with one if not both for the rest of the season so it’s completely pointless moaning about them. I still stand by that.

Do I think we can do better? Yes. That’s never been in question.

But when the something new is sticking out best CM and another one on the way back there is argue that’s even worse.


I think both Leahy and Devlin have good attributes: they are both better going forwards than defending but they have been at the club for 18 months and so why haven’t they improved? Is it because they can’t learn or is it because the coaching is sh!te? I think both of them could be better players but whether we can afford to wait for that to happen is debatable. So, we need a quick fix and that involves signing a decent fullback (or two) whose main strength is that they can defend, I also think it’s time to give Connor Johnson a run in the team and also sign an “Andy Butler”-type centre-half if we can - I don’t think Fitzwater and Guthrie are good enough.


How do you like a post more than once?