Say it again full backs awfull Wilson not the answer


I wonder whether Purkiss has a role to play… we need defenders who can defend and midfielders prepared to put a shift in for the team. If this was Whitney’s team, accusations of an unbalanced squad would be levelled. Genuinely don’t know whether 442!is the formation; ironically, although Ronan is a great player, he reminds me of Oztumer in the respect that everyone else in the team has to accommodate his ‘free role’. The sooner Edwards is fit, the better.


Endless debate on the fullbacks but for me if he’s fit Fitzwater has to start.


Here we go, another defeat, another let’s have a pop at the full backs. I agree Wilson is poor but Leahy was no worse than the rest of the team - in fact he never is. Did you not see the fantastic block he made after 3 minutes? Today was a case of the team being set up wrong, obviously 4 3 3 didn’t work.


The defence is woeful.

Leahy, Devlin and Wilson can’t defend - which is a primary attribute. Forget the crosses, and straight runs, they can’t defend.

Guthrie has no mobility, and Martin isn’t fit.

Hopefully we can sort it out in January.


Well, it would have been helpful today if the midfield had done a half decent job and not given the ball away needlessy. I know from previous posts you have an issue with the full backs but pretty much the entire squad had a shocker today.


Agreed …teams defend as a team not as a 4! You would think as a scientist? our fellow fan would understand that.


Our lack of transfer activity in the summer is coming back to bite us, as most predicted it would.

Let’s just remember we were 2 days away from the season starting with just one fit centre half. No surprise we can’t defend is it. Crap preparation and planning to blame.


Bluntly put, but so very true! Reminds me of the many training days at work where the buzz words were Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail.


I can’t get my head around the team not turning up every 3rd game more than anything.


Said at the start of the season, we have a Whitney defence - it will be shown up again this year. Wilson was a panic signing ( again as I said at the time) Obviously unfair to criticise Martin havent not played all season until now.

Why we have ditched the 442 I literally have no idea.


To shoehorn Ronan in with osbourne and Dobson

Ronan seen as possible the best technical player


Easy to have a pop at the full backs.They are not great but yesterday had no effective help from Morris and Ferrier.The midfield three were woeful and never got near Burton’s midfield.Even a fit Chambers would have given them something to think about and put a n a few tackles.
I think Keates needed to change the set up at half time and not just a like for like substitution.


Suicide to shoehorn in a Player and design the whole system of play around him. Utter suicide.


Do we really need another thread about the ■■■■■■■ full backs?

We get it, everything’s their fault


So despite Ronan being head and shoulders our best midfielder yesterday he’s the problem :thinking:


Yes he is because we got absolutely battered in trying to accomodate, no shape and all over the place defensively. He has no place at Walsall IMO.




Dobson has an off day. Osbourne was dreadful. Our best midfielder is injured until Jan but it’s Ronan/ the systems fault. MOTM last week too.


Successful start to the season playing 442 - against the odds - everyone knows their job - players are together as a unit and working for each other.

We re now all over the place, lucky to not go in 5 down at half time yesterday, trying to accommodate a player who cant play in a central midfield two. But it’s ok because he’s been man of the match.

And he says the probably isnt the system.