Derby (A), Boxing Day 1985

My Dad has been sorting through old programmes during the ‘lockdown’ and shared this one with me, a Division Three game scheduled for Boxing Day, 1985. Turns out the actual fixture wasn’t played until 12th March the following year, though.

Aware the Baseball Ground had a notoriously bad pitch, but does anyone remember why it took nearly three months to get the game played? @Fellows1926?


I don’t remember but I know that was quite a bad winter so there were probably a few postponements to catch up on.
We went out of the F A Cup in round 3 (more snow) but perhaps Derby had a cup run which left fewer midweek options.
I’m glad we got rid of Willie Norton and replaced him with someone a bit better. :laughing:


Worth keeping that programme just for Wolves’ league position.


And the mis-spelling of Willie Naughton

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I think it was a combination of poor weather over Jan/ Feb and with our involvement in the FRT as we played two games on successive Tuesday’s in the second half of January as well as league game on Tuesday Feb 4th plus Derby’s own midweek games it was the first convenient available date.

Reading are miles clear at the top, and a few weeks after that table was printed we beat them 6-0 at FP. :astonished: They still finished top though.


I remember a load of us piling into neighbours Datsun ( Martin Whitehouse) I think we only got as far as four oaks and turned round it was quite frosty I seem to remember

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I see

I pad playing up I see they spelt Naughton wrong

I got as far as waiting for the Central coach on Bridgeman Street when the word came through the game was off.

If its the one I remember I drove all the way to Derby then wondered why the streets around the ground were so quiet. It was my first and only attempt to go to the Baseball Ground :unamused:

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I went to the rearranged match. Lost 3-1, I think.All I can remember is their fans taunting Cherry, who’d played for them, us defending him , and him making elaborate bows to us in response.

They were all there though.

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Strangely we had a game at the Baseball ground postponed the season before too. I travelled down from Sheffield, where I was student, for a Freight Rover game one Tuesday evening (can’t recall the exact date but think it was Jan/Feb 1985). As I was leaving the train station loads of Derby fans were coming in to get trains home as the game had been postponed. It was a very cold foggy night but can’t remember if it was the state of the pitch (Derby’s mud patch was notorious) or the visibility that was the reason the game was called off.

Anyway, there was a train going back to Sheffield already in the station so I spent less than 5 minutes in the town altogether. Only one of several postponements I’ve been caught out by over the years - wasted journeys in bad weather.:angry: At least with Stevenage I hadn’t quite left home before it got canned.

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I did exactly the same cookyskid! I went to the rearanged match in the following March and found myself sitting next to the injured Phil Hawker.

I seem to remember me, the old man and o e of his friends travelling to this. There’d been nothing on the radio to say it was cancelled - but when we got to a (deserted) Baseball Ground, there was a hand-written note on the turnstile entrance saying the match was postponed. Luckily my old man is always one forarriving everywhere hours early, so we had enough time to turn round, drive back and get to the Hawthorns in time to watch the Albion play!

I went to Derby just before Xmas 1976 to see us beat Chesterfield in the F A Cup 1-0, next time i went was in 2004 when we beat them with a late penalty but can’t remember who scored.

Good to hear from you mate :+1:

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I am sticking to all things football now :slightly_smiling_face:


I always say that but manage to get dragged in lol