Devante Rodney joins Rochdale


It really does feel like we will be ruthless and do something in the market now.

Another one of Fullartons fantastic signings.


Oi! He ran out of runway!

Can’t say this is a surprise.

What quantifies a ‘Transfer Agreement’?

Great for all parties.
Flynn ridding the club of the dead wood creating more space for his own players
Gives Rodney a chance to still make it as a footballer
Good luck to him and brilliant move by us
Kiernan white and labadie next please walsall while your at it x


This is very encouraging great move by the club.

It also suggests that we have someone decent lined up, otherwise it’s a very bold move.

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Incoming replacement maybe!!!

Surely he’s got to be up there with the most pointless signings we’ve ever made? :laughing:


Ooof, that concludes one of the most damning signings in the clubs history. I thought Flynn would give him a preseason but clearly couldn’t stand him.

12 February 2022:

El Nombre - Why did we start the season with one striker, and a make shift who prefers playing out wide?

SLO - that’s why we brought the Rodney transfer forward. He was supposed to be signing in the summer

Turns out he hasn’t even lasted this summer.


Called it after his first 2/3 games. Was never good enough.


That’s 2 players off loaded for cash and the right sorts in my opinion.These investors certainly aren’t coming across as stupid.I can see us spending money on players that will return them a profit in 2 to 3 years time whilst we get to enjoy the journey and the fruits that go with it for a while.

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Wish they’d have told me it was Andy Williams before I wrote this little pearler


Rodney certainly did nothing in his games for us that showed he was worth keeping. I feel a bit of sympathy for him, coming to a struggling new club with an injury.

There will be a lot of ex-players scoring their traditional goal against us next season.


Not surprised by this. Flynn would have surely phased him in more at the end of last season if he was in his plans. Seems like he doesn’t rate him at all.

Last season’s recruitment was pretty awful when you look back on it, with the Rodney signing being especially awful seeing as he was signed to score the goals to get us out of a relegation battle. I hope for better.


Didn’t work out, we move on.

He has been very sought after in the past and we hope to get him to a level which I think his attributes deserve to be at," added Rochdale manager Robbie Stockdale.

“His attributes are pace and power and will complement the other players that we have in the building.”

I hope we got back the £100k we paid for him!!!