Devante Rodney signs from Port Vale

Because I don’t get any pleasure from watching Miller play. That’s my opinion, and I could see bits of promise in Rodneys play.

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On your own there then…
Sorry he is not a striker, or anything else come to that, reminds me of Yaw (didn’t some club foolishly give him a contract earlier this year?).
Was given plenty of chances when cleared of his injury, but failed miserably to impress. We can, and must, do better in the striker stakes this season, fail in that department and it will be 17th or lower yet again.

I don’t mind being on my own, I think that given time he will come good.

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You arent a few of us are happy to see him given more time

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I agree with you. He hasn’t had plenty of chances . In my 60 odd years of watching Walsall I have seen many players written off after a few games who then become fan favourites . Let’s give him a chance . He may fail
but to write him off now is daft.


Agree too soon to write him off just yet.

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Do you remember when adebayo was many’s worst striker ever and people preferred Gordon ? ( I always rated him )
Or when people stated ( including me ) Holden was useless when he first stared with us as a right midfielder? Now if not for his injury many would state our best player?
I hope Rodney had just had a rough start and releases his inner adebayo inner Holden


Dream on folks, when you see him on a football pitch you tend to marvel at the ingenuity of editors putting together a plethora of wonder goals in his showreel…
Seem to remember similar short clips of Hardy, Ferrier etc. One would imagine we were on to great ‘finds’.
Never recover from the fact that we took on a guy, obviously injured, who was to ‘save our season’, that went well.
Don’t think Flynn will confirm his contract. We can, and must, do better.

Not really about writing him off as far as I am concerned. He hasn’t shown a lot but really it is down to the manager to decide here. If he really wanted him in his plans then I feel he would have phased Rodney in more than he has, even preferring to convert Keirnan into a striker.

See what happens, it wouldn’t surprise me if Flynn tries to offload him and bring his own man in, but If he starts next season with us then I will definitely give him a chance. We need don’t need passengers though.


This :arrow_up:

The reasons we are having the debate.

In 20-21 he scored 11 goals in 40 league games for Fail, so similar to Millers record for us this season, and Fail finished 13th I think, so not that different to us this season.
This season has been a total misfire for him, just one goal, but if he does stay hopefully he can recapture the form of the previous season.
If he stays hopefully he can start playing well for us, but maybe MF will be trying to move him on, he didn’t seem to want him in the team of late.

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Think part of the problem is he was signed for Taylor, to play wide as part of the 3, whereas that doesn’t suit Flynn at all.


We didn’t convert kiernan into a striker, we signed him as one. Pomlett said so yesterday :joy:

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I laughed at that too :joy: