Dickie Dosh

Strong rumours he’s returning to management with Hartlepool…



good football manager but never got the concept of manager fan relationship

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All we wanted was a wave…


It was buried under Uncle Jeff’s crime wave! :rofl:

He never got the concept of manager/owner or manager fan relationships. In fact he has never got the hang of any relationships in football and has upset the apple cart everywhere he’s been.

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Might have communication issues , but he did the business … good luck to him!


He really must have serious personal issues or just not a very nice person at all if he has never worked out that it does no harm to try and get on just a little bit with the people and fans of the football club you happen to be managing and ultimately pay your wages.
Shame really as i think strictly on the football side he is a good manager and should have done a lot better in the game.

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Pity he wasn’t more like his wife, who I met in a pub after the Swindon league clinching game, you know the one where Deano hit that sweet half volley!!! We stopped for a celebration drink at a pub, can’t remember the name but it was the one before the " Air Balloon pub" she came in with Roy Whalley and his wife, she just came over and started chatting about the game! Very nice attractive lady!

I never got the issue with his grumpy public persona. Brian Clough wouldn’t have done much for the diplomatic corps. Mourinho is like a pantomime villian, and Alex Ferguson could make the olympic moaning team…none of them did too badly.

Folks also reflect that he had an easy job getting us back up after the shambles of the previous seasons. Sorry, but I beg to differ. Any promotion from any division is always very hard earned, and we also won the league!The Conference, and the leagues below it are now littered with clubs that we could have sunk with had we made the wrong appointment that season. Ironically, Hartlepool are one of them.

Also, having had a really tough start results wise, he had us seriously challenging back to back promotions in a division containing the likes of Leeds and Forest the first year back in the third tier, before uncle Jeff pulled the plug in January.

Good luck to him, he’s a very good lower division manager.


People seem to think he got lucky by inheriting Dann, Gerrard and Fox, but the team he built around them during the close season was tremendous - Ince, Westwood, Dobson, Keates, Butler etc


Jeff taught him all he knew…:woozy_face:


Well almost everything, at least Dickie realised when it was time to GO.


I do recall him waving, just not at us. A gate of over 7000 was announced v Wrexham and Money came bouncing onto the pitch applauding and waving, yes waving, to the 1400 Wrexham following. The bloke was a complete K.Nob

As I said on here before I stopped buying my season ticket when he said he was having a meeting with the board to see if their ambition’s matched his. …he left the next week.
He upset a few fan’s only because of the frustration at the lack of vocal support we were giving a very good team.
He never slagged the player’s in public and always had the respect from them .
If the board had backed him i’m not sure where he would of took us but can’t help feel it maybe better than where we are

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Well he is massive in Scandinavia.

Good luck Dickie Dosh.


Miserable ■■■■■■ but good luck to him.

That’s without question, did a great rebound job in league 2 and also got the team on the brink of the play offs in 2007/09.

Think the issue here is he hasn’t managed at even league one level since leaving in 2008 and only the odd season in league 2 (Luton were non league when he managed them) so clearly something is putting people off seeing as plenty of managers get chances in the championship if they overachieve as Dean Smith and Paul Hurst (briefly) did.

The bloke has got a problem.

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