DJ leaving in January?

Had a text this morning from someone i know from within the Club that Sadler is looking to move DJ on in January. Whether that be just a loan or a permanent move is not known. Sadler is under pressure from within over DJs wages and he has now said he doesnt see him fitting in with how he wants to play. DJ also wants regular first team football. There is very much tension between the two which is apparently affecting other players with few siding with DJ.

There were choice words apparently within the dressing room between different sets of players and the manager after yesterday’s defeat. A lot of players were angry at the abuse they got from some of the fans at full-time.

Lincoln are also angry with the way that Draper has been handled and that they say he has been overworked in games. I think this is why he has gone back to Lincoln for them to manage his injury and assess the extent of it.

Sadler’s earlier statement about already looking for January recruitments looks like it has a huge amount of truth to it as it looks like we will need 2 new strikers at the very least.


Disappointing, but not a surprise.

In Sadler’s defence, Nigel Clough is an experienced and successful manager (unlike Sadler) and he did not want to play DJ either. Perhaps Clough was right.


Just to be certain, have “few” or “a few” sided with DJ?

Who knows. Either way, worried where this will leave us come Jabuary, given our previous transfer dealings at tbat time of year.

I dont think DJ has many friends within the squad.

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DJ is clearly a player that needs an arm around him and some confidence from the manager, so you just have to accept that and manage him.

Either don’t sign him if you’re not prepared to do that or sign him and manage it. Sadler must have known what he was getting.

Draper is a young player who can’t play 90 mins every week, it should be managed.

If it’s a choice between Sadler and DJ, I’d lose Sadler as I know DJ can succeed, but very much doubt Sadler’s ability to do so.

Factions in the dressing room is just another sign of poor management.


This is what happens when you have an inexperienced, rookie manager in charge of a squad rebuild, and an inexperienced, rookie board who haven’t got a clue how to run a successful football team.



Great update. But this could be disastrous for the future of wfc. So we play a player who should be on the Parks on a Sunday morning and leave a proven goalscorer on the bench.

Sadler out


For Drogheda earlier this year he was even younger, and played 90 minutes nearly every week, only substituted 6 times, and always late on.

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Lower level of football.

I should imagine that there is quite a bit of difference between the pace of the game for a
semi- professional side in the League of Ireland Premier than that of our Lge 2


90 minutes is 90 minutes.

How much more physically demanding is it to play in League Two than in the League of Ireland? He was playing against big experienced defenders in that league.

This developing basket case has all the hall marks of National League football come May and I think we absolutely deserve it to be honest.

And it makes me very very sad


Don’t include the supporters in the “we” part of that statement.
It’s a bloody disgrace and Trivela need to get a grip and quick.
The supporters absolutely don’t deserve national league football.


I had a player say this to me on the way out yesterday, it clearly affected them. I tried to explain that it was probably more aimed at Sadler than them but don’t think they were too interested to stick around which is understandable.


I really don’t think that there is all that much difference in the physical demands; strikers still have to work really hard at both levels, but we can agree to differ.

My opinion is the Lincoln have realised how good Draper is and regret that they never game him a chance last season - not even 1 minute from off the bench - before loaning him out to Drogheda and then Walsall. I suspect that their complaint about his time on the pitch is just a lame excuse for recalling him in January.

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There would probably be a FEW more players on the side of DJ if they weren’t scared of losing their place in the team, after all, Sadler has shown that no matter how big a star you are, HIS ego is a lot more precious than putting out a winning side


Who signed DJ out of interest? I assume Sadler had the power to veto the decision or was it a case the appointment announcement dragged on so long it was too late given DJ signing was announced in July 1st?

Maybe a lesson for the club in future, actually appoint a manager in May so they have time to work more on getting in the right players for their system for July 1st.

DJ should be starting over Douglas, I think 99% of the fanbase would be doing that currently.

January is a huge concern isn’t it? As If I suspect this season just becomes a battle to not drop too close to the bottom 2 then you need goalscorers for that so losing Draper who has been a revelation and also a proven scorer in the same month dosen’t seem a sensible decision to me.

Only have to look at what happened last January, it’s never really a month the club is good at strengthening.

Personally I’d just start DJ and then have a look again in the summer if he’s still unhappy.


Presume DJ was not signed by Sadler, so why would Sadler be under pressure over his wages?

One of the main reasons DJ signed for us over the summer was because of the relationship he had and has with the fans. He could have allegedly got more money going to Swindon, but it was his respect for the fans that was the biggest issue and influence in him coming here permanently.