Does Sadler deserve more credit?

In our latest episode, we discuss whether Mat Sadler is getting the credit he deserves from the Walsall fans?

We look at both sides of the argument, and read out the fans views on the matter.

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Let us know your thoughts, we hope you enjoy!

For me I’d now say he is ok at best
He is obviously well liked by the players and creates an atmosphere of hard work where the players play for each other
He seems a nice guy if to me a little arrogant. Never blames himself but at the same time never blames his players , guess that’s a morale thing , keep it behind closed doors
He has pulled of some great surprise results through his teams willingness to fight and muck in for him eg notts away , Wrexham etc
I do like he that he knows he is new and inexperienced so uses knowledge of other former Walsall personnel eg Kelly and dean smith .

However his hard work over talent grates me eg thinking josh Gordon is a good striker
He has made lots of mistakes in his debut season tactically and personal wise
He admits he doesn’t have a rwb but did nothing about it
I don’t enjoy his style of play , letting the oppos side dominate the game and relying on the press and fitness. We have got lucky in a lot of games we have drawn or won
Some time when fitness and the press doesn’t work we are embarrassingly bad with some of the lack of talent especially upfront being able to create eg Sutton games
I fell a better manager would get alot more from the best team we have had in this division and the most money we have spent in this division as stated by pom and boycott


Sometimes it is like watching paint dry watching his style of football, and there have been too many games like that this season, he certainly hasn’t made me want to buy a season ticket, far from it.
So i will content myself with ifollow.


I found it more entertaining than last season with MF. Perhaps the increase in goals scored has helped.

Since January especially I think we could be in for an good season next year.

You not thinking of a Flexi-ticket and what would it take to bring you back?


For me i would like to see more consistency, AND i want to be entertained, with all of the players giving 100%
The MK mongs game did it for me this season, all those travelling fans, and he picks the team that he did? no intention of going for a win, i remember an old saying, if you are going to go down, go down fighting.

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Seems harsh Chunkster. He made a mistake picking DD at MK, but we’ve won away at lots of grounds this season. Much more than previous seasons.


The football has been better to watch than the second half of last season for sure. At least we have some attacks, create chances.

We have also made progress in the league. A lot of that is down to goals from set pieces, so best not to forget the rest of the coaching team when handing out credits.

I’m not going to go overboard with Sadler, finishing in the top ten was the minimum that should have been expected, it is literally his job.


The fact he is a “rookie” is irrelevant because according to Trivela he was the best candidate that applied.


Still too inconsistent for me mate, and like i said, i want to be entertained, and i could probably count about 9-10 games this season that i have actually enjoyed watching, all the others have been poor, that isn’t very good value for money, and i think the only reason we are in with a shout this season is because the league has been so bad

Who was the last Walsall manager you thought was entertaining mate?

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That has actually been proven to be true, when you look at how many managers were touted for the job, that have proven themselves to be worse

I feel that it’s a much better position to be in than the last few seasons. If we miss out on the play offs by a couple of points it will be disappointing but nevertheless much improved from before. What i will say is i believe he has more resources to play with than the previous managers and he will be judged more on how the first half of next season goes if we don’t go up.

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We have won 6 away. Not sure how many in previous season, probably less without checking.

Shame our away record isn’t just a little bit better, hopefully will improve next season.


Don’t get me started, i would have take you back to the 80’s :joy:


A lot of the coaching team were heavily criticised this season, up until recently.

Every manager leaves either via sacking or on their own volition, often to a higher placed club. I expect when Sadler does leave it will be the latter.

Next Rookie Manager, Joe Edwards 2026.

I hope you are right there, if he does then it should mean we have been promoted and done well in League 1.

Yeah, hopefully not a Paul Simpson style season. Although fairplay for them sticking with him this year… We would be in meltdown!

Yeah, he also had a bite at the fans in his interview one of the games. Not sure he would have ever recovered here after that.

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Completely outshone Clarke and Flynn, and to still be in with a shout of the plays offs in April is more than we could have imagined.

Yes he makes mistakes (who doesn’t? ), yes I find his interviews boring and yes he has abit of arrogance about him, but for me they can all be forgiven.


I don’t agree with that. Nothing to do with Sadler when I say this, but just because of previous failings, being in contention for (not being in) the Top 7 shouldn’t be just a fantasy. Standards and expectations slipped way too low.


I’m not sure Sadlers today team would beat clarkes covid ending season
Some of the football we played then with Holden and adebayo was class we just left it to late and the season ended prematurely
Just went pair shaped season after woth Holden forever injured and selling adebayo and jules

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