DOF named today?

I’m sure I read or heard LP say we’d hopefully be announcing the new DOF over the weekend, so maybe we will get some news today.

I heard that loads of big names we would be shocked so whats the betting its some one we have never heard of whos cheap

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Mr Barnwell is just having one final read of the contract…


Apparently he asked for beef scratchings, not pork.

Absolutely guaranteed, it’ll be a bloke from down the pub who once saw a football match on telly, but interviewed well.
Why do we not trust Walsall football club to make the right decision? History?


Sometimes I have a laugh at your contributions, but that is just silly.

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Ya have to put a bit of light-heartedness in occasionally, it’s just a bit depressing being a Saddler at the moment aye it?

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This is WFC, it will be the cheap option, why change the habit of a lifetime


Don’t ever say this, not even in jest :flushed: :flushed: :flushed: :sweat_smile:


What’s the betting if we lose today, we see a DoF appointed tomorrow, but if we win it’ll be at the end of the season/in the summer.

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I just hope they have the wording right and it’s not a Prof :joy:

Reckon Wenger would be a great shout to be fair :joy:

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I hear Sergio Aguero will be available soon …

The announcement will be soon.He needs to be in place to deal with all the close season business. I think it will be tomorrow.

Would be silly announcing today, well, at least prior to the game, would potentially completely destabilise the squad / match preparations.

If we get pulped it may come soon after the final whistle, though. We are virtually safe after that Southend result, we should be able to play with a bit of freedom today.

He’s going to be as bad as DC and BD then from that statement!

Wouldn’t they all have known who it was say last midweek? Or does our hierarchy not disclose such information to it’s playing staff?

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Mate I have given up trying to work out how they operate. :joy:

It is anyone’s guess.


He also said depending on who the candidate is they may not be able to announce it while said candidate is finishing up their contract elsewhere, so let’s not start with this ‘no news is bad news’ mentality again.


Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s announced after todays game. Massive opportunity to drag us into the 21st century if we get this appointment right. Hopefully a very experienced manager who just wants to go into the background and set a club up nicely to help bring a new head coach through.

What’s the betting that then if we lose today he takes temporary charge until he helps to identify a man to take over.