Don't worry , where have I heard that before


People saying don’t worry , it’s only a freindly, Give em a chance , we will be alright , In Clark we trust,
Well I’d say. Be worried , very worried indeed. We heard all that old pony last pre season , and look what happened, Clarke through no fault of his own is just the next victim in waiting
This could well be. Our last season as a football league club, for some time, , it’s my Oppinion the chickens are well and truly coming home to roost
Years of austerity inflicted on the football side while his commercial empire was lavished. With cash , have taken its toll,

The football side is on life support at the moment and. Again at-the risk of being slated it’s going to take a lot more than what Clarke and a bunch. Of kids and. Bargain basement signings to save it

You don’t need to wait till ten games in as being. Said , by some. to see where we are , the writings on the wall. In massive letters for those not blinkered enough to not want to read it



FFS, might as well just give up now.

I have some spare Citaloprams if you need some.



We’ve just released 19 players … sold 1 & now looks like 2 more are leaving … this is a completely new squad & our new manager & coaching staff are having a look at everyone in our 2nd game… but we drew a friendly so yeah best start planning my trips to Eastleigh & Halifax :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:



What a load of ■■■■■■■■. These games aren’t about the result. Yes a win is nice but right now it’s about building their match fitness and assessing players. 4 of them today aren’t even signed to the ■■■■■■■ club!

What a ridiculous post after such an early friendly :roll_eyes:



Looks like WFHYS is taking over UTS



Does not look great at moment must admit. But let’s not slit our wrists just yet ahhh.



Get some positivity in your life. Let DC build his team for God sake the bloke his trying to install some positivity into the players and the fans… and you’ve got people like you relegating us to the conference even before a ball is kicked… and yes I’m one of those people ( IN DC WE TRUST )



I’d hate to be on the ISSA away coach…



To be honest I’m expecting us to struggle but I still hold a little bit of optimism because I think Clarke is a very good manager., To write off everyone though before a competitive ball is kicked after drawing in a friendly with players who are building their fitness levels as well as having 4 players who aren’t even contracted to the club is borderline ■■■■■■■ insanity.

This is why he isn’t the voice of Walsall fans like he thinks he is. Shove your “groups” up your arse. Embarrassing.

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Speaking of chickens…



I’m not the fans voice samsara, Anything I post is my own Oppinion. , you have never once seen me come on here. Claiming to represent. Fans

Neithier was the post knocking Clarke if you read it properly. You will see I say through no fault of his own

The post is more aimed at what. Our club. Is being allowed to become, , and I stick by what I say, I heard the same things last pre season, And that worked out REALY well didn’t it

As said please don’t try to make out that I think I represent fans , I don’t, ,



I really doubt DC is the man to get us relegated out of League 2! He’s a coach through and through, we’ve not had one of those in the last two managers. In my time supporting Walsall I’ve never heard our manager say anything like this!

In DC we trust!



I’ve seen you on WFHYS and that’s the way you act, or at least used to before I left the back end of last season. Maybe you don’t see it but I and many others do (some who have actually been in your company).

Just give up. Yes we all want the board out but these sort of posts after a fitness building friendly don’t help in the slightest. It’s embarrassing.



Jesus! What’s he going to be like when Walsall Town Swifts get battered in their first season? Apparently they have an ex-Saddler as manager - and we all know how that ends! :joy:

Seriously though, have you thought of phoning the Samaritans? (or at least someone who can explain to you how punctuation works)



@matt_saddlesore your a teacher so can you please decipher the opening post so I can understand it in English please ?
Many thanks.



I gather you never studied English at school considering how abysmal you f**ing grammar is.



There is no way this club will be relegated , any sign of danger and the money will be found.

Jeff is not stupid , personally I still expect us to challenge. Although it may come later on in the season after a slow start.



Clarke himself has come out an said he will sign some experience. I won’t judge either until this has happened, or until the window has shut and we see what’s at our disposal for half a season.

To judge players atm when they’re still getting used to new surroundings, team mates, coaching staff and way of playing is ludacris. Have patience.

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Respect your oppinion , Best we just agree to disagree,
But one thing I will never do is give up, as that is what our owner wants, as for people having been in my company. Saying I think I represent them,
Let me know who they are and I will apologise as that is never my intention,
My views will never change and I believe our team is in grave danger of going through trap door,and Clarke as said. In my oppinion is just his next chosen victim

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There is absolute no chance this team will go down. Christ we have some good players , but we do need to bolster it.

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