Douglas James-Taylor Signs (Again)

I’m a great believer in players aged 18-22 getting out and playing meaningful games at a suitable level. What I mean by suitable is t always just the highest level possible, but more importantly the highest level possible that they would play lots of minutes and enjoy success in what they do well and challenged in the areas that they are weak.

I was met with some dissent early on in pre season suggesting RAM should a) go out on loan and b) that going on loan to National league wasn’t feasible.

Rushall was the right level. He was still able to do the things he has as part of his game and he was also challenged in areas that needed working on….all while playing the majority of minutes in most games.

He could well have gone to national league clubs but found it hard to get possession and success in creating and also found regular minutes hard to come by and ended up being used late in games as an impact……no benefits.

DJT, although later in his career needs to do that now. Soon as we have injuries cleared up and the availabilities allow it. National league or national league north for him would be fine and he’d enjoy the game time and I’m sure we’d see the all hitting the net pretty regularly.

For me he has potential and I can see why we signed him. The problem he has and fans have, is as I always say….expectations are exceeding possible outcomes at the moment….that’s a recipe for disappointment and frustration.


DJT is on player who is playing way above his skill level think he would be better in 8th tier. Shouldnt ever play for us again.

Exactly. I think most fans are for supporting young players but they have to show ‘something’ and most do. This guy is as poor as poor can be. Seems to struggle to even kick the ball straight!!!. Wouldn’t do well at all in the National League at all in my view. All levels of the National League. Needs to drop down to the 7th or 8th teir something like Walsall wood fc I would say and I’m pretty sure that will happen.

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Reminds me a lot of someone like Ashley Hemmings