Let’s forget our issues for a minute and wish The Drogs ádh mór for their campaign that starts on Friday - seem to have done well in their Leinster Senior Cup group so far with 3 wins from 3, although I’m not sure if it’s a competition that’s taken seriously or not.


Good luck Drogheda, just make sure you don’t overwork Weir…:joy:

Do they give a damn about Weir?


That remark could open the floodgates.


Hoover fook thinks he’s going to be playing first team football for us next season?

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Weren’t Lancaster targeting him in the past?

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Think these jokes are bombing.

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Seems like some of you are having a blast

These dam jokes need to stop cock

I hope Monkeydog doesn’t see these puns, he’ll only Möhne.

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Every time it happens it’s a stepping stone to his conversion to a pun lover.

We need to unite aswan over this.

He needs to relax and go with the flow.

He will enjoy the steady stream of puns

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Hope springs eternal

Good luck to our Irish brothers and sisters.

Hope they get their scoring boots on and open the flood gates.

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Any of their fans reading this will think that we are all puddled

They’re not playing Waterford until next week.

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Live commentary on the Drogheda game:

Weir just scored although Drogheda are losing 2-1.