The Fugitive had one of its chase scenes filmed in the middle of an actual Boston St Patricks Day parade. Somehow.

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I don’t suppose the crowd would have suspected anything to be honest, just another cameraman filming a parade

But they might have recognised Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones weaving through them.

“That moment was without a cut”: Harrison Ford Barged Into a Real St. Patrick’s Day Parade for His Underrated Thriller That Got an Oscar Nomination.

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You’d think all those threads would’ve been a trip hazard

Just imagine some fan chasing them both for an autograph, the director would be pissed :laughing:

That’s why I said " somehow." I’m amazed they did it in one cut.

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Is that why Julian Joachim left us to join them? :shamrock: :thinking: :grin:

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Yes, there are more people in the US that identify as Irish than there are people in Ireland.

4-0 win last night against Athlone to reach Semi finals of the cup.

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Adam Foley scored a hat-trick, don’t get too excited though, he’s 34. Weir didn’t score though.



(Film joke)

Not a good start so far for the Drogs, 7 games in and 2nd bottom with 1 win, 3 draws, and 3 defeats.

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I’m sure a visit from Mr Boycott to tell the gaffer what he expects will do the trick. Well it did for us anyway.