Dutton Out

Two moments dictated Aaron Williams future with us. He missed a sitter at the Sloppies and missed another at home in the following match.

If they had gone in things could have been very different for him.

Just compared his stats with Gordon and Lavery. A much better scoring record than either and only 27. A year older than Gordon and a year younger than Lavery. I reckon he’s worth a punt!

Aaron William’s came back to Walsall for a trial when he was at Rushall and apparently was so unfit he was sent back

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​​Problem is the same, how to is different. Some clubs just have some money to invest and won’t hesitate to maximize football incomes. I know, it is probably called resource management. Term very loosely connected to football, but it can make a lot of difference, if you know how to do it properly.​

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Very true.
Football isn’t fair sometimes, some clubs have mountains of cash and others (like us) struggle along trying to hold our heads above water. It’s been that way at Walsall since I was a lad…which is a long tome ago.

I must commend you on your command of the English language, my Polish is nonexistent.

Macken was so good at holding the ball up.


Main problem is always the same. Not how much money you have, but how wisely you spend, what you have. Another problem is how football clubs can generate money. I think some things could be done differently, but that’s football. I’ve waited many years to watch Walsall’s games on the telly, so I can wait more to see WFC success on the field.
Thank you. Probably won’t be a secret, but many moons ago I was planning emigration to the UK, but later something happened and I’ll stay where I am. But learning English is good fun. I like tasks that don’t have an ending point.


If Dutton didn’t get the job who is reasonably out there people would be happy with us happening?
Would you take a punt on another inexperienced manager and hope for another smith eg llera or hope an experienced manager is willing to come to us.
Most experienced managers would only come to us with either lower league success or no real recent success this they will give us a go. I doubt a proven experienced modern manager would touch us :frowning:

Correct, they would be asking for a salary, regrettably our board of Marley & Marley still pay in Pounds,shillings and pence, so even the offer of extra bags of pork scratchings would not sway anyone to come here.

Whatever duttons future is I hope it’s decided quickly after our last game so I know if I need to save for my season ticket or not

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There will be a decision on either Sunday or Monday i recon.
Most other clubs are selling season tickets and we are not, and with the discontent over BD being at the helm i can see him departing.
And yes i do believe that this and other WFC forums are monitored for reactions, remember @simon posting that Dan Mole was the most searched name on here? i wonder who THAT could be :wink:

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Rob Edwards former Wolves player in talks with FGR to be their new head coach , he’s currently involved With England youth team, wonder if he might be on Poms radar?

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Too progressive, logical and not on par with briab.

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2 more days to go and it’s bye bye Dutton.

Come on over to my place Dutton,hey you , we’re having a party


We’ll be swinging, dancing and singing
Baby, come on over tonight :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

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To be replaced by who? Be careful what you wish for.

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Don’t forget to invite Andy_Petterson…


A football manager


And only lives in four Oakes

Or not as the case may be :grin:

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The club 100% monitor the site, I can confirm this! Whether it’s the best use of their time is another question, but they see everything

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