Early Bird 23/24 Season Ticket Poll

A poll for Early Bird 23/24 season tickets.

Will you get one?
Will you renew?
Are you not getting one?
Are you not renewing?

Answer based on your feeling towards it now. Add any comments if you’re likely to change your mind from your current selection.

23/24 Early Bird Season Ticket
  • ST Holder - Renewing
  • ST Holder - Not Renewing
  • ST Holder - Unsure of ST
  • Non-ST Holder - Purchasing ST
  • Non-ST Holder - Not Purchasing ST
  • Non-ST Holder - Unsure of ST

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Sick of the same old. Manager after manager is failing and they can’t all be to blame.

I just think it is a shame after the positivity of the summer has been lost. The chance for a fresh start and fresh impetus has been lost. Failure by the club again.

I love this bloody club, but those in charge make it so hard to enjoy it. Even though it is hard to take, we’re now a poor, mid table League 2 side and supporters need to stop thinking we ‘should’ be promoted just because we’ve spent more time in the league above.

It’ll take a seismic shift over the next 12 months for my opinion to change and to entice me to return regularly.


Inflation is a thing but to me this is just a cynical cash grab after attendances have gone up, ive tried to see it from other points of view but i cant shake the feeling.

But combine it with general life costing more along with the football being shit, and the fact nothing has changed in 10 years i really just cant be arsed. It feels like groundhog day watching Walsall.


Anyone notice that they left it as late as possible to turn on the floodlights and lights in the stands, cannot blame them tbh

Season ticket holder and undecided, leaning more towards not renewing. I’ve mentioned the price increases a lot, they don’t sit well with me.

I’m more than likely not going to renew and saving a bit of money, doing something on the weekend that I’ll find fun and come home thinking ‘yeah that was a great day’ instead of feeling fed up.

If I don’t renew then I’ll review it in January and see if it’s worth getting a half season ticket then. Your move Walsall FC, prove that it’s value for money by January.


I am sick of the same old story. Same old sick feeling in the stomach. Same old envious glances at clubs similar to Walsall doing well.
My son turned to me at the game yesterday and said he just wished he could see a good Walsall team. I never had to say that to my Dad as I saw the Buckley team early on in my Walsall journey.
I wish they had kept prices the same but can understand the increases even though the on pitch offering for the most part warrants a decrease.
I am fortunate that I can manage the increase and with taking my 2 boy’s the tickets average out very economically. That deal is still a very good one.
I am renewing as ultimately I just don’t see how removing money from the club will help in any way. If people just cannot afford it then I get it but to not renew as a way of protest is something I can’t grasp. We as a collective fanbase have to jeep going. My boys need to see a good Walsall team and we won’t see one if we all just give up.
Rose tinted rallying call over.


I don’t think it’s people not renewing out of protest, I think it’s people being fed up of spending their day off watching the same old rubbish and having that same old fed up feeing by 5 past 3 every Saturday.

People are entitled to want to start enjoying their weekend. It’s the club not being able to tempt loyal fans to keep going that I can’t grasp.


Completely understandable sentiments but lower ticket revenue equals lower playing budget which unless we stumble upon a Graydonesque miracle will equal more of the same or worse.
I think Trivela have more clout than Pomlet and will back a manager to a degree but a significant proportion of it will have to come from the fanbase. Most clubs at this level will run the same way.

Protest is poor wording. Im not protesting about anything. I just dont wanna pay Ramred/Dan Moles Wages anymore.


Unsure whether to renew… started off the season with me snd my son who has had a season ticket for the last 3 seasons… this season he has stopped going so have been having various friends and family come with me… ive supported walsall for 29years and i must say these last 10years or so have been such a chore… i dont live close so it takes most of my saturdays and at the moment im struggling to see why i bother as i rarely enjoy it these days, if i do renew it will be through habit and loyalty… not entertainment value…sick of clubs comong up through the leagues and overtaking us… clubs like Accrington Stanley, fleetwood, morecambe, forest green, burton, oxford,luton,wycombe who are all in leagues above… now we have salford barrow and sutton for gods sake… club seriously needs to start speculating to accumulate otherwise im afraid fans like me will just give up


Probably won’t, but only because of a change in circumstances. Will be spending most of the season in Spain so will probably only be able to attend 9 or 10 home games max. Will still go to every game that I can though and will renew my ifollow ST, which will mean I’m still shoving 350-400 quid into the club.

Not decided yet though.


Why are you still at the ground at this hour?

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Fair enough, I look at it the other way though, I don’t think football fans should have to feel as though they have to keep ploughing in (I get that your view is probably the most popular, fwiw I also think this is generally why football clubs take the piss out of fans because they know they have this loyalty season after season.

Clubs need a wake up call and realise they have to make it value for money as it isn’t at the moment.


Season ticket holder and will be renewing this week.


All fair and well but many of us have invested for years, many of us left our money in when the season was curtailed due to COVID. Keep being told Trivela is an investment company and will want to see a return on their investment.

Well in the last 5 years seasons ticket holders will have invested £1000+ into the club for what return? Bound to get some question whether that continued investment is worthwhile, especially with current cost of living.


In terms of value for money I know and we all know that ultimately it’s what happens on the pitch that counts. 23 boring tedious hoof ball 1 nil wins would have us all delirious. But if I trust Trivela to improve anything it will be to improve the match day offering. They will want to relieve as much money from us as possible on matchdays especially if attendances are down. Americans understand this. The Saddlers club will be a part of this and if they get the pricing right could offer something good for us. Stockports fanzone is heaving on matchdays for example.

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Nice rallying call but what about the entertainment value???. Paying 26 quid and keep looking at my watch waiting for something to finish.

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I shall be renewing, however that isn’t a ringing endorsement of Flynn, or the Club, or the people who run it. I just attend Walsall matches, and if I didn’t have a ticket I’d come anyway, and if I stayed at home I’d be jonesing to get to Bescot.
This season has been hard work though, apart from the Leicester game I haven’t really cared much, I’ve been getting ready on Saturday mornings and it’s felt like preparing to set off to work, rather than to something that should be an enjoyable part of my social life/leisure time.
If I could break the habit, as I did with away games a few years ago, I wonder how much I would really miss it? Oh well, I’m not ready to do that yet, I haven’t hit rock bottom, although a few more games like Barrow and I might be trying to find local meetings of Walsall Anonymous to attend. :roll_eyes:

I remain though, an optimist, and I remember that if you had told me in March of 1994 that the following season we would not only win promotion but would play the best, most entertaining football in the division, I wouldn’t have thought it likely. And as for what I would have believed in March of 1998…
So that’s it, next season could be wonderful, and I wouldn’t want to miss it, so I shall renew and I shall continue to attend, chasing the next high.


Just hope you’re right about the pricing correctly as I’m not overly confident and its another shot in the foot waiting to happen the same as the pricing of training tops and framed photographs of lost matches are anything to go by.

50/50 at the moment, I have a soon to be 2 year old who will not sit still for 90 minutes and leaving her home with her mom while I go to e̶n̶j̶o̶y̶ the football has reached the end of its life. I used to be able to watch from the 1888 (see pfp) but they put a stop to that. I want to bring her but the club just aren’t suited to it so unless that changes it’s just not practical. Will probably mean my parents not attending either but we’ll see.