Early Bird 23/24 Season Ticket Poll

The prices are for early bird, what will the price be after 1/4/23?
I’m not keen on watching the rubbish that we are currently playing for an over priced season ticket.
Previously the upper bar was for upper tickets only. Now that it is open to all, there is standing room only from 1.00pm. This along with long bar queues and generally poor service only adds to the misery for paying more than the lower tier.

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ST holder but I rarely go due to work and geographical location, I buy STs more to put my money into the club, however I’m not sure how justifiable that is now.

Might not renew, but see where we’re at when 1/2 season rolls around.

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I shall renew my 3 as I like to meet folk at the games. Some I have known for years and some just for a season or two. The chat is good and fun. However I will not pay the new price for the Savoy pass which is extortionate so I will be getting there later and braving the cold a little longer in Winter.
I too am fed up with the football we play and unlike some I do not blame the players. If we were winning 1-0 every week it might just be acceptable but we are not. I think Mr Flynn (who I like as a person) needs to make some adjustments in formation and personnel for next season.


What happened to the new fan engagement arrangements ?

Focus meetings? Video forums?

It would be nice to ask some questions given the club put a stop to the working party meetings.


I’ve renewed and no question that I would.
I’m going to go to the matches so saves me money and provides the club with money up front
The amount I spend on my season ticket is considerably less than I spend on going to away matches.


True, should have left after 25 mins

Fair play to you

That sums my feelings up perfectly. If you suggest speculating to accumulating on here you get Bury and the likes thrown at you but to not do so (January for example) leads to the dross we have witnessed over the last 8 years. It seems some folk are happy having it that way as long as we do not spend too much money.

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Not renewing partially due to personal circumstance and also also opting to take my lad to football coaching on a saturday. Will attend a few matches during the first half of the season and may go for a half-season ticket with the boy for the 2nd half if it looks like we’re finally playing football again. Might ST again for 24/25 season when I dare say I’ll have my nipper with me too (though will leave him home for the winter games)

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Excellent post @Jamiew2841. And summed it up perfectly! This is my 40th season and as much as it hurts to say it, it’s rarely enjoyable anymore, I go home feeling fed up and frustrated with it. My sons who are also a season ticket holder have both said they cannot remember anything remotely exciting since the play off season, ever since then its just that same old, the players, staff and managers come and go, but its us long standing suffering supporters that are still there week in week out desperately hoping that “this will be our season” only to suffer the same disappointment, with our only comfort being we aren’t yet a Oldham, Southend or Scunthorpe.
The total drop in form and poor results could not have come at a worse time, when the club are hoping to lure back a loyal supporter base, with increased costs and yet still no promise next season will be any better than the countless ones before


We’ve had increased crowds and nothing changes?

it’s the leadership of the club that’s the problem, not the tickets sales and revenue.

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Ye it’s nonsense, 100k here and there won’t bankrupt this club.

How much did we make off the back of the FA Cup and DJ’s goals? More than enough to bring in a couple of the players in January…

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I’m a non season ticket holder who has purchased season tickets for next season. While im just as unhappy and sick to the back teeth of our constant failure year upon year to actually produce decent football and credible league postion. Im willing to give Trivela and Flynn a chance.

There have been a few positives this year for me and alot of misfortune mixed in with the bad times.


Saddlers Club
Fa Cup Run
Our Unbeaten Run In League.
Good bonding with friends and family especially my kids who loved Stockport away and Leicester at home.


Long term injuries.
Loan players returning to there clubs.

The Bad

Style of football
Signing players who arent fit.
Merchandise quality and pricing.
Our two bad winless runs.

While majority of the season has been poor there have been also some glimmers of light i willing to stay on this journey and back Trivela lets remember they haven’t promised us to be big hitters just improve us bit by bit over time.


Spot on! Decades of JB’s leeching will not be cured in 12 months. For me, our new owners are building a solid platform for us to move forward. Will they get everything right? No they won’t. Will they take us forward over time? Yes, but it will take time.


I swear we said that about Pomlett a few years back, and here we are still crap.

Fingers crossed.

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If the Club want any ideas for merchandise they could do worse than a range of items with that as a slogan. Nicely encapsulates the Saddlers fans ability to get a laugh out of the darkest of times. :smile:


I got my first season ticket after years of going in the 2008 season and how many times I’ve told myself it’ll be the last one getting fed up with dross football and poor merch/match day experience but i still end up getting it but it’s more and more out of loyalty and habit.

I’m umming and ahhing a lot but I suspect come march’s payday I’ll be throwing most my money down for me and my wife to renew out of habit rather then any real excitement at the minute.

I just hope they back flynn in the summer as otherwise I don’t expect him to stick around long and if neither him or DC experienced managers could get us out of this league then I don’t know who can!.

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Your right we did think we just clutch at anything in recent years due to how cack its been.

I don’t blame anyone who decides against renewing/purchasing a season ticket, for whatever reason. Seasons of silence, underperforming and broken promises is enough to put anyone off.

And if a person does purchase when others do not, it doesn’t make them anymore of a loyal supporter. People may not be able to justify it in the current climate, or this may just be the metaphorical straw that broke the camels back.

If we pick up next season, i’d be interested in a half season ticket, as i’m sure others would be. But would we just be judged for ‘jumping on the bandwagon?’


I can’t motivate myself myself to attend a game let alone 23 of them

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