Early Bird Prices

Bit of an increase this time.


I will be renewing :+1:t2:

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Message from BB

Bring it on mekon!!!

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My first reaction was “that’s heck of an increase” but then on reflection, recognise a) everything is going up and b) season ticket prices haven’t gone up massively in recent years so was going to happen at some point.

Costs a bit more to watch League One football :grinning:

Around a 15% increase? Bit much inflation matching would have been expected

The increase is disappointing but understandable I guess.

This would have been a great time to have a special “if we sell x it costs only x” kind of offer though, with the feel good factor around the place. I know we did that in 2020 but it was scuppered by Covid. Missed opportunity perhaps.

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I paid £180 for a senior in the lower this season, so that’s a 33% increase. Still less than a cock and hen per game though.


Considering how little football we get to enjoy, as opposed to Flynn’s hoofball, I’d have thought a reduction in prices would be justified. No doubt though I shall renew…

Club has to survive, the pricing looks fair.

It’s still cheap over the course of a season but I’m still surprised the size of the increase.

I probably wasn’t going to renew this year anyway but i say that every year and still do. However the price increase won’t help this time around…

Hopefully this doesn’t effect numbers too much, it’s nice to see Walsalls attendances higher these days.


Seems a bit of an increase to me. Especially when you consider the bumper gates and loyalty they’ve received lately. Can watch Championship football for those prices.

I’ll still be renewing, but if you charge top end prices I hope we will be in the market for top end league two players.


It would be good to know what the “full” price is going to be, and also the matchday prices. It will also be interesting to see what other L2 clubs will be charging.


Increase far too much and I think lots of people won’t renew at those prices to watch 4th division football.

What are you comparing it to Mazza?

Matchday price in the top teir will approach 30 quid I would have thought. Taking the piss in my view when u give us the likes of Abraham, Douglas James Taylor and Williams to watch

Fortunately we won’t be :smiley:

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Yep. I will get one, it would be madness not to. I would still go most games anyway and it would cost a fortune. Still around £13.50 a game for me and my lad which is a pretty cheap afternoon.

For those who have recently become season ticket holders or were thinking about it for next season, that is a pretty hefty increase when times are tough for most people as it is. I know the club has to survive but it could backfire a little.


Even at £380, it works out to be £16.50 a game which when you put it like that it still isn’t bad.

What i can’t work out though is how it’s £70 extra to sit in the Community stand over the Lower behind the goal :laughing: