Early Bird Time



That is superb


As seen on Twitter…who did this?


This needs to go out on social media now


It came from there, wilts. Posted on Twitter, picked up by WFHYS, and UTS on Facebook.


‘Let’s paint the stand red’ hahaha. Absolutely amazing.

More of this please!


May just be too clever for the Board to understand.


Brilliant but being colour blind can someone tell me what it says after ‘The Futures Bright’ please?


‘The future’s one coat gloss over everything’


Colin Price, I think the creator is.


Genius. Needs circulating wherever possible.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: classic :ok_hand:


That’s amazing mate


Absolutely brilliant but so sad at the same time.


Seriously though, how many early birders who post on here will renew?


Thank you


Clever stuff, love it, especially the bird that’s keeled over👌


me + 2


Quite torn at the moment. Head is saying no due to the obvious issues atthe club. Heart says yes as I know I’ll miss it next season if I dont renew and I dont want my lad to throw the towel in with Walsall.


Feel the same as Singing Shiver but a generation further on. After 60 years a fan through good and bad it is hard to say NO. After encouraging my eldest Grandson to be a committed Saddler (only lad at School to be a Walsall fan where we live!) I feel I can’t just give up as I am encouraged by the plans and hopes of WSC.