Early birds are out and it looks like they’ve been listening


Far more straightforward and a Young Person option too.

Not perfect. But a vast improvement.

Shame it could be League two football which makes pricing a little topsy in my opinion.



Beat me to it :grinning:

Solid offering that at least shows some progression. They do seem to offer good value on season tickets and the introduction of the young persons is welcome.

The key for me is what they do with simplifying match day prices and how the club intend to attract the casual fan.



By mere seconds. :grinning::grinning:

And yes. The pay on the day structure needs similar simplification.

The Albion example I posted a few months ago would be a fine start.

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Nice we finally acknowledged young people.


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I think judging by the literature the board have faith in Keates and don’t intend on sacking him. I really hope he keeps us up and we start again next season.



Looks like a good response to some of the complaints we have made.As said above now lets get a simple match day pricing structure as well.



Fair play to the club - this looks sensible, I hope Keates and the players do their bit now.

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Good to see they’ve taken some stuff away and made it happen.



This is a significant move from the club, an admission that something wasn’t right and a willingness to change.

The more we push and reason the more we can achieve. Sustained pressure, sustained change.

But we ‘go again’.



Why do you have to pay for the free children’s ticket first and then get a refund?

To me this just complicates a good offer and stumping up the initial sum is bound to put some off.



If anything it acts to incentivise continued attendance, you pay your money and you get it back. Plus, in theory, it puts £3 in a kids pocket to spend at a kiosk, which makes financial sense and nurtures the habit of spending at the ground.

It’s a unique approach and deserves endorsement, but would be interesting to see how affordable/flexible the Young Persons ticket works once they hit further education or entry level/weekend employment.



They’ve been doing the £69 junior ticket for ages. It’s another red herring.



It isn’t a red herring its just a continuation of a good policy.

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Sums it up perfectly…



Hmm we’ll have to disagree to disagree on this one. I think it’s more likely to discourage than encourage attendance. It’s marketed as free but then you find out you still have to hand over a hefty amount of cash.

From what I’ve heard take up is low and if we want to attract young people who don’t have an affinity for the club we should make the offer as simple as possible.

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Good to see they’ve taken at least some small steps towards addressing the issues. What they really need to do now is market the hell out of this - not just a few tweets and then bemoan lack of interest and blame it on the supporters as has happened previously.

Good start.



I can see it both ways, Milan, especially as there are no publicised figures on uptake.