EFL Cup 2nd round draw

Yes, we’re in the 2nd round of a Cup competition!!! The draw takes place tomorrow (Thursday, 16th August) live from the Stadium of Light at 7pm, immediately before Sunderland’s 1st round match. For those of you with deep pockets it’s on Sky Sports - the rest of us will wait until it’s posted on terrestrial websites…

At this stage some of the “big” clubs enter the fray, and there is no seeding. However, the draw is regionalised in to North and South groups - although which group the Saddlers will join is anyone’s guess at this stage. Ball numbers will be released some time today.


We are ball number 23 in the Northern section.


WBA at home🤞

Who cares, we will beat the lot of them, home or away

Na Villa :laughing:

Everton or Newcastle, for me. Yet to see either in the flesh. A trip to Goodison would be splendid.

Everton would be lovely. We don’t do too bad up here in the league cup. You’d all be welcome to pop in for tea before the game.

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Depends what’s for tea?

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Tea, milk last, please.

That and a crumpet.

If not, Villa away would make a bostin tay.


Rat. Naturally.

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Oh ar. Count me in.

Swansea or Llanelli Town away please.

? that’s a bit obscure mate. do you live near there ? :smiley:

I do indeed - Mumbles, Swansea ( not too far from Welsh)

Newcastle at home, Andrews to score the winner…

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Foolishly booked a weeks holiday in Scotland, so Newcastle away would be ideal :joy:

Oh, come on … Swansea are in the Southern section (Walsall is now Northern, strangely), and Llanelli Town? They’re non-league, just like Chester …:wink:

Welcome in your new name young man!!

I remember going down there to fit a wash basin in a holiday chalet about 25 years ago. And as we were driving past the DVLA there were about 200 Swansea and Cardiff fans scrapping in the middle of the road :joy:

Huddersfield away would be good for me. 20 minutes on the bus

I’d love one of the so called ‘bigger’ Midland clubs - home or away.

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