EFL -Sky deal from 24/25

Many more L1 and 2 games live, but if Article 48 remains ,will play havoc with the 3.00 pm KO.

We won’t get on unless we are miraculously doing well


There’s five l1 and 2 games a week, plus all opening day, bank holiday, midweek and closing day games live.
"Greater parity in the number of times that clubs are selected for TV coverage is also guaranteed. "- whatever that means in practice.

Or are playing either Wrexham or Salford :rofl::rofl:


Yes we have Wrexham to thank for that i would image

We got to avoid being relegated next season before this affects us.


Not unless both parties knew already they’d be promoted by then. These negotiations will have been going on long before last weekend.


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So all of our midweek games and two of the cup competitions will be shown live? Plus some weekend matches assuming we get picked for coverage, but that will only happen if we are up the top.

Not sure what Sky Sports will cost by then but it sounds better than the current setup where you have to pay a tenner for each midweek game.

Away fans are gonna get screwed by kickoff times though.

Basically yes. There is that sentence about " greater parity," in how many times teams feature, but it’s not clear what that means in practice. I-follow continues for overseas viewers, but I’m not sure what happens with them for matches UK fans can currently legally watch on i-follow.

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So every Salford and Wrexham game live?


Two hour pre game show before every Wrexham match to show the fairytale story of the last couple of years too.


When/if we are selected, there will be even more scammers posting “watch the game live, here” now, on the Facebook page, great :roll_eyes:

Every silver lining has a cloud, I suppose.

Personally I hope Sky leave us slone. Don’t want Saturday games moved to Thursday nights or whatever.


We will definitely be on tv Atleast twice as we will play Salford or Wrexham

Three 12:30 games every Saturday if I understand correctly so a quarter of Saturday games will be televised. Great for the armchair viewer, not so much for the matchday fan. Think season ticket prices will need to be more realistic given the number of games you will now be able to watch from home.

Is that three L2 or three 1 & 2? As I read it ,it’s a total of 5 from L1 and 2 each weekend.

Each League weekend fixture round will see 10 live EFL fixtures shown. Five matches will be shown from the Sky Bet Championship and supporters of Sky Bet League One and League Two teams will now benefit from greater coverage than ever before with five of their games being broadcast live.

Despise Sky and never had it and never will have it due to Murdoch links and the damage they have done to our football pyramid due to obscene amount of money they’ve poured into the PL


I quite like home games at 12:30, feels like you’ve still got the whole day once the match finishes.

Will make some away games a nightmare to get to though.

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