Emmanuel Adegboyega signs


Good signing. Hopefully @Wheelodrog can give some more information on him.

Interesting reading Sadlers comments. We were in for him in the summer before Norwich came in.

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Looks like a signing to cover for McEntee, with Okagbue being cover - solid

Williams also out for a while.
Would expect Menayese to leave this window even if only on loan.

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Can you have too many Manny’s?

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From a Norwich season ticket holder at work:

Never heard of him and so your guess is as good as mine. As we have been letting in goals galore and he hasn’t played I suspect he may not be that good.

The same person also told me Russell Martin was a wrong 'un back in 2018 :grin:

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Do we only sign players with a drogheda connection now?

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Until there’s a 3rd Trivela club and so on.


Yeah, Freddie whatshisname has been useless lol

Intercompany stock movements, a lot of big international companies operate that way

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I don’t mind signing players with drogheda links but this is becoming a lot now x
Hope it works for us and we don’t just rely on one Irish teams former players

Good luck to the lad. Nice to see us moving early to bring players in. Williams and Mcentee injured. We needed a cb option to come in.


Hmmm. If we’d signed him and didn’t own the other club he’d played for there’d be questions of if he’s good enough. Needed centre back cover though so hopefully he’s up to it.

He obviously impressed Norwich enough to take a punt so who knows.


Be nice to play drogheda pre season and see many of our potential signings in action


We are playing Drogheda confirmed by Boycott.

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Heavy slice of sarcasm in that post Peel. Personally I’m all for it and the club are now doing what the fans have been asking for for years and still get slated for it.

Not over excited by this… only because i know nothing about him… same with freddie draper so happy to give him a chance… just hope we dont sign too many who have played for drogheda as im sure they are part timers

Spoke to a few Drogheda fans they reckon he’s brilliant see how he does at this level

What, buying a League of Ireland club? When did the fans demand that?

Emmanuel Adegboyega: Walsall sign Norwich City defender on loan - BBC Sport