It’s because the assets have been divided in such a way that makes it an incredibly unattractive proposition, despite the fact that we pedal the ‘well run club’ line endlessly and celebrate turning a modest profit. As another poster says above, Bonser has it all sewn up to suit himself.

Anyway, even if an investor does fancy it and puts a bid in, the ‘doesn’t have the clubs interest at heart’ line can be brought out to avoid sale.


That’s the problem with craving a new owner, new investment. There are no guarantees. Look at the list of teams. Only the first three have achieved anything and Bournemouth is an exceptional case.
I want change as much as anyone but things on the pitch, which let’s face it dictates our mood/feelings towards the club, may get a damn sight worse for a long time to come.


Its clear that he’s planned, organised and structured things to make the club extremely difficult to purchase…

He had (way back when he hatched his plan) and still has, no intention of selling what has become a huge financial income stream for him.

Sorry for stating the obvious


I understand that, I’m merely illustrating the elements stopping said investment from coming in.

I do also believe this over cautiousness is half the problem. Yes, new ownership might fail. But it also might not. Half the fan base has been gradually brainwashed into this ‘ooooo, could end up not working out’ mentality and that just plays into Bonsers hands in my view. I’ve not always had this opinion myself but for the last few years I’ve become sick of watching the club just stagnate and right now given the chance I’d rather take the risk than watch us aim for 17th in League One in a rotting stadium (that was last fit for purpose in 2007 at best) - that we don’t own while money is sucked out the club and we have more identity as an events space than a football team.

And I’d also disagree regarding the assertion that ‘results on the pitch dictate feelings.’ That’s not true in my case and many others. It’s about feeling as though the club is moving somewhere and has a purpose to expand, grow the fan base tangiably and better itself.

That we announced a ticketing initiative to try and boost sales just 24 hours before the kick off says all you need to know about the vision of those steering this ship. We’ve mentioned the Titanic a lot on this forum- they’re like the watchmen who didn’t see the iceberg until they were sweeping it off the decks.


How many times have I said Enough! ??? Just can’t keep away, even though there’s nothing at Bescot that’s as eye-catching as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfO68Cb61fc


Those were the days my friend…we thought they would never end…something like JB’s ownership!!! But end it will …sometime. He needs to go and the Club needs new leadership and enthusiasm soon. The “friend for a fiver” fiasco is yet another symptom of the current malaise.


The Great Uncle of Mrs Hull Saddler’s half-sister was the pianist in the band on the Titanic.


The problem is, there have been hundreds of threads like this in the past decade or so. Yet nothing changes and will change, until unified and coordinated protests force Bonser to leave or make wholesale changes.

We can all bang on about whether we should stay or go or discuss other clubs that better or worse off than us. We can all talk about the dark days and worse seasons, but that’s football and that’s life of a Saddler.

None of us expect to be Premier League or giving Jim White a coronary regularly on transfer deadline day. We’re Saddlers our expectations are realistic, sensible and relative to our history, always have been and for the majority always will be.

I frankly would not care if we were in the National League South, if the club had effective leadership, a realistic vision and engaging communications with supporters. Combined with all our resources (Rent, transfer fees etc…) being utilised to drive the club forward, a stadium that had atmosphere and good facilities and a board that did not treat its supporters without absolute contempt.

I want to be proud of my club again!
I want to feel a part of my club again!
I want to believe in my club again!

Bonser is well past his sell by date and has to go and until he has, i like many will put 40 years of regular support on ice and find my kicks on a Saturday afternoon in a cheaper, ■■■■ free environment.

Saddler till I die. Disillusioned for some time.


I agree with everything you say except for this part.
It needs change before its allowed to get this far


Thanks Red and White.

I concur we need change before National League South, but I guess my point is that I’d rather be in that division with better ownership & leadership, that cared about its fans and invested all revenues on the playing side. Than where we are now.


National League North, please, us northerners would feel completely left out otherwise!