Evan Weir Signs

Gone back to Drogheda until June.

He’s a Left Back / Left sided centre half


Clever way going around a contract battle when his contract runs out in June

Welcome Evan

Welcome young man. I hope you make a success of the move. Looks a good move by the club as well.

Welcome Evan, glad to see you were at the game last night and getting a feel for the place.
Hopefully we can turn that performance into the norm rather than a one off, and we can regularly get attendances, and atmospheres like last night.
Look forward to seeing you play for us.

Welcome, Evan. Timed perfectly to see the best Walsall performance in years.

You havent got any Draper clones you could bring with you, by any chance?

Welcome Evan, when ever have we started our summer recruitment in the January transfer window ???

Excellent stuff. Exactly the sort of profile we should be signing.

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Nice to see the first of hopefully many dealings between the two clubs and as Trivela add to their portfolio we could benefit hugely from deals like this.It’s really good to be a part of actually,welcome and good luck Evan :+1:t2:

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BBC report says that Jack Earing has signed until Summer 2025 as well.


Great if true he was brilliant last night.


Welcome Evan

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Good at free kicks.

Good early signing,hopefully proof that we have identified targets and another youngster which could be a good investment. Our squad thiis season is young and talented just need less injuries and teally feel there is a long twrm plan to finally evolve and improve us rather than just being stuck and aiming to stay up each season

Clever way of reducing corporation tax payments if you ask me :joy:

Interesting that Weir signed before he’d met the manager. Important signing for Trivela, as it demonstrates the pathway from Ireland to Walsall.

Will Weir be training with Walsall during his loan? I don’t think Drogheda are full time, surely Weir would benefit from training with the club and learning from Gordon and Daniels.


Scored tonight, against Bohemians.


According to Flashscore Pierrot got 2, and O’brien got the third, nothing about Weir.

Only saying what Flashscore put up,
I hope he did score.