Ex Saddler Jabo Ibehre close to losing a leg

Jabo Ibehre: Ex-Walsall striker ‘almost lost leg’ after opponent’s teeth lodged in his knee.
He did have a bit of a bite in his play for us…LOL.

See BBC link at Jabo Ibehre: Ex-Cambridge striker ‘almost lost leg’ after opponent’s teeth lodged in his knee - BBC Sport

I took my lad to his first football match where Jabo scored his last goal for us at MK Don’s before he joined them in the close season. It was a very warm sunny day and my son fell asleep for the second half. He was only 4.

I remember quite a few Saddlers fans in fancy dress. There was one guy dressed as a very convincing Jesus. I wonder if he is amongst us here on UTS?

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That was Cheesebag and his garb prompted the chant “Jesus is a Saddler” from the Walsall fans (much to the amusement of the MKD stewards).


Is Cheesebag any good at Crosses !!!

I’m no medical expert but you don’t have to be to know that Jabo has suffered covid knee, one of the 257 established pathalogical variants. I hope he makes a full recovery.

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Probably will be fine. He was able to produce
molar-cular antigens.

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He evidently got to the root of the problem…

If you put someone else’s tooth under your pillow, who gets the sixpence?

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Liked Jabo. Didn’t want him to leave, thought he did a job for us.

He’ll be having a knees up this Christmas.

The match he was injured in kicked off at two o’clock. He was he was injured after half an hour and was taken off at tooth-hurty.

I’ll get my coat.


It got abandoned, and the pools panel ruled it a score jaw.

There wasn’t a lot of wisdom in that challenge.

Now you’re extracting the Michael…

Don’t detract from his crowning moment.

To be fair, he did possess an amalgam of skills and could be seen filling his boots regularly. He knew the drill…

Did he get bit while making an incisorive tackle?

The incident is commemorated by plaque.

I’m sure it got brushed off.

A certain pun-hating poster must be sick to back teeth at this point.