Exeter City (A) - Tue 2nd March, 7pm

Tired or not they will still make us look like non league!

Such an act demonstrates a high level of ungratefulness in my view.

We might win as we are playing away from our fans.

There is no way we will win tomorrow as we are dreadful and cant see nothing happening in 3days

BD may just surprise us, as did DC a time or two? sometimes it just comes together, there again we are playing a side that have been doing quite well over the last few months and may give us the biggest Dicking we have had this season?
Having said that what is our heaviest defeat this season?

Think it’s 3-1 at Cheltenham. Can see a heavy defeat hope I’m wrong

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Well, as long as you tried to keep the faith :joy:


That’s why I said try. I’ve also openly stated that I’ve put a tenner on us to be relegated.

Sooner or later there will be a win, right. Maybe they underestimate us, maybe forget that’s a normal game and not a five-a-side game, maybe they collect next red cards too (preferably entering pitch). Who knows. This league is so good, every team can win every game. Continuity can be a bigger problem, but not this season. And most importantly, even when you freely rotate different tactical ideas, there will be a day, when you got it right. This could be this day and this game. More seriously, the sooner this season finishes, the better.

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Doubt we’ve got a better record against anyone but these, over say 50 games.

Won 40…draw 14…losses 26.

Two one to the larry adlers.

What’s good about it? It’s ■■■■. ■■■■ players. ■■■■ refereeing. ■■■■ pitches.

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Think it was irony.


Well we’re not scoring, so we’re not winning.


Nailed it!

Agreed when you can draw 13 games or whatever it is and still be in with an outside chance of the play offs it proves how diabolical this league really is.Not that we are going to make the playoffs just saying it’s mathematically still possible.

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I think that we should have a sweepstake on the number of changes and systems that Brian will employ tonight. Who will he drop - the better of Saturday’s players(?), which seems to be the pattern.

I wish Clarke had taken his random team and formation selector with him to Port Vale (although according to Vale fans he seems to have found another one).

Lavery needs to start never thought I’d say this but statistically he’s our most potent striker :rofl:

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We haven’t had a clean sheet for 3 months so you already know we need to score two goals to win, which we won’t.

I really think a loss here might trigger action from the board. I like Dutton honestly, I’d rather give a manager time that isn’t a massive ■■■■. But I’ve seen degeneration rather than improvement on the pitch and I really think they will start to get panicky with a loss here.

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I don’t think anything will happen even with probable defeats tonight or on Saturday at Cambridge.
The big one is Barrow at home. Lose that and something has to be done.
It isn’t about performances anymore it’s about results.

Yes, that was irony. I’m not saying I’m … off because every football project for the last two seasons derailed pretty quickly and we are, well, not in a good place. Escaping this league by winning promotion to the National League isn’t a good thing to do. Well run clubs must do better in such an environment. If not, hard to defend it is well run.