FA Cup Prediction League 2023-24 - Entry & Round Updates Thread!

Evening all. Now the 1st round of the FA Cup has been drawn, it is time to get entries in and kick it all off!

In the ideas and poll thread, the overwhelming favourite format was head to head each round straight knock out - 71% of you opted for that format!

So, this thread is for you to enter this year’s competition. Simply copy and paste the post before, adding the next number and your name alongside to it so we can build the number of players.

1st round games are on the weekend of 4th Nov so all entries need to be in by end of next Sunday 29th October.
I will then do a draw to see who plays who; then you will have the week up to the first game to make your 3 game predictions. Who ever gets the most points from their 3 games knocks the other player out and moves on to round 2 etc. In the event of a tie on points, it will be down to who had the most correct score lines. If that still doesn’t split you…I’ll have a think!

Remember, you have to be in it, to win it!!

I’ll kick us off in the post below.

  1. Jolly Johnny
  1. Simon

Not sure how easy the copy and paste will be, @JollyJohnny. Seems to dick around with the numbering.

Okay, no probs mate. Was just trying to do what Rob did for the Acorns Trust sweep, when everyone took a number.

Just add a new post everyone and give yourself the next number, if it is easier!

  1. Bluejay
  1. Cookyskid
  1. TheHassBoss
  1. Welsh_Saddler
  1. Gavin77
  1. DonningtonSaddler
  1. Laundryman
  1. BolmereSaddler
  1. Buttsaddler
  1. RedandWhite
  1. addo
  1. tinned
  1. Harlequin
  1. Shrewsbury-Saddler

A quick question: given that there are 8 rounds, including the final, that means we need 256 entries for round 1 if it is a knockout as planned. I doubt we will get so many so should there be the possibility of 2 entries per person?

  1. Shilts

I’m rubbish at these things so easy progression for whoever draws me!