FA Cup Round 2 Draw v Alfreton (a)

I think there is a train strike that weekend. ???

Will be embarassing if we dont sell out. Surprised our allocation has got to general sale. But now got Lutfi one. He seriously doesnt get the FA cup :grinning::see_no_evil: He cant get his head round why i am worrying about playing a level 6 team :rofl:

Tried to explain but i think це шлях Уолсолла (its the Walsall way) loses something in translation :grinning:

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Not sure it will be a sell out. My nephew who lives in Derbyshire but is Villa season ticket holder easily got 6 tickets from Alfreton on Saturday for him and his mates.

Can’t be that many left now surely.

He obviously doesn’t understand that it is US that are the underdogs :joy: :wink:


Why ? Stockport last season was bigger and that went to general sale. Like I said to blaze it’ll go to general sale and he’ll get tickets for him and his lads. We will sell it out but it was never gonna go before general sale. Same applies to county away

Don’t think Stockport did to be fair. We had to request extra tickets, which they gave us.

It looks like our faithful fanbase is starting to wane a little ? it’s not surprising
Even LOYAL fans will only take so much before they start to question the ambition of the club/owners


Still over 200 left.

May not sell out at all.


Maybe @chunkster has a point. People have got tired of doing their hard earned on this lot. Prefer to watch it in the pub, in the house or not at all.


Well that is exactly how I have felt over the last few years mate :frowning_face:

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There is always some last minute buyers. If we win Saturday then I think it will sell out by next midweek.


Being live on BBC is why we havent sold out


A convincing win on Saturday and a result Tuesday will sell it out


There is a myth on here that we have these huge away followings. We absolutely don’t. They are always in the bottom half of the averages. Before any one jumps on this comment for those of you that do go to away matches. Fair play. Well done. You deserve a medal.

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Last season the average Walsall away following was 531, which was 10th in the League Two table, rather better than our league position.

Our average away journey last season was 119.3 miles, which was the second shortest in the league, with only Mansfield having less to travel. That would mean a total of 5487.8 travelled by anyone who went to every away match.

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So much carbon dioxide for so little gain🥺


In actual numbers you are right.

However there’s a context around why many of us feel our away support is really good. That context is the last six years of disappointment in and amongst which is a shocking away record.

Is there anybody else in this league who haven’t had a promotion of any kind since 2007?


Exactly right. Relevant to the awful football and league position away followings are outstanding but they are not outstanding purely based on numbers. Average


They must be crap one of our 2 clean sheets this year
We thrashed them 1-0