FA Cup Second Round Draw


Apparently we’re ball number 29 tonight.


Wrexham (A), please.


For selfish reasons, Newport County away


Wrexham home or away.




That prize money doesn’t half start racking up. 54k for winning the next one! That’s December’s rent paid and enough money left over to get Joe Longthorne booked for New Year’s Eve.


Sunderland at home it is then


Uncle Jeef just ■■■■■■ his pants


Damn Sunderland at home. Defo a team we would have wanted to avoid


Playing them twice at home on consecutive Saturdays!


■■■■ draw


If we’re playing a league 1 team I’d rather it be Sunderland. I think it’s an ok draw.


Meh…Sunderland a few seasons back would’ve been an exciting draw but reality is that’s one of the hardest you can get from the options. Also playing them in the league in 12 days. WIll be interesting to see the ticket prices for this considering that fact.

Reminds me of a few seasons back when they team were playing o.k and everyone was excited for second round draw and Walsall got Leyton Orient away who were top of league one at the time. Lost 1-0.

Did Sunderland play their first choice team at the Vale or was it mix and match?


Actually nearly happened…ball number 28 was called out to play them.


Happy with that draw Sunderland at home could have the makings for great game if we can get a few wins and confidence between now and then :grinning:


Bring it on. Was at the match up Fellows Park back in the 60’s Wow what a match that was I had never see fans like they had. Me and my cousin gave hell to a man dressed all in red and white with a bowler hat on hell we kept on knocking off the hat off as he was a bit worse for a pint or 3 , great fun for a young lad and we won I think but too far back to remember the score, Newcastle was the next match 2 of England’s big clubs at the time 1964 was it…
Win the cup match draw the league game would do for me. Big club in next round…UTS.


Looks like , each round we’re gonna have to knockout a previous fa cup winner


Knew it would happen, as soon as we both appeared in the last dozen or so, turned to the wife and said we will draw Sunderland without a doubt, and of course we did.
Well at least we got to a second round of a cup competition! Lets just concentrate on cementing our mid table league position, it was a good cup run while it lasted.
Could be an interesting couple of identical games, doubt if we these two will be as low a home crowd as was embarrassingly evident on Saturday! Sunderland may press us to play the tie at their place, they would pull in over 30K! (a bit like a Walsall crowd)


Best thing I can say about that draw is that if we do get a plum 3rd round draw it’ll be all the sweeter for having bloody well earned it.


More negativity