FA Cup Second Round Draw


Not the best draw however don’t write us off folks. After Saturday I believe!!! I wonder whether the match will be moved for TV. If its on the Sunday I will be missing for a very important family occasion.


4-3 to us. Richards got 3 for us and Brin Clough played for them. Great atmosphere with no segregation in those days!!!


was he the welsh version :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:


Yep…he was an arrogant young man but was outshone by out Tone!!


A case of beware what you wish for I wanted Sunderland away not at home.
I think when we play them in league is an international weekend and will be moved to midweek game if so will miss chance of new ground much to far for old codger like me to do a night game.


What was the home supporters gate on Saturday? 2,096 was it not? Obviously a lot more negativity from other supporters too.
I certainly hope we beat the ■■■■ out of the Sunderland Premiershite wannabies, no one would be happier, I too remember beating the ‘mighty’ Sunderland at Fellows Park all those years ago, 26K in the ground I seem to remember, where have they all gone, can’t all be dead like me!


!8k actually …it was the next match against Newcastle where over 25,000 were in Fellows Park. I know its partly a wind up but I wish you could find a positive occasionally.


BBC always go for non league side which is understandable. Think Guiseley-Fleetwood is a shoe in for them especially with Joey Barton.

BT have 3 games so possible Walsall might be option. Salford if they get through will obviously be on and I’d expect Solihull aswell given they got Blackpool at home which is exciting for them at Damson Wood.


I hope you are right…I want to be there.


Was it, sorry mate just remember one of the games being in that ballpark figure, also remember being unable to see most of the match cus of the crowd! I am very positive most of the time I assure you, but like yourself I have been a Saddlers fan since I was 13, so have seen a lot of disappointment over the years, which have hardly been overshadowed by our very few occasions of limited success. Would just love to see some settled period of good news about my team,however with Bonser at the helm, I fear I will not see such joy in my lifetime.


Too late mate, The Searchers already lined up.


No need to be sorry…memory plays tricks with us old 'guns as does this keyboard. Who the hell was Brin Clough?


Uns not guns…Done it again ain’t I


I know where your coming from I have supported the team since early 80s when I was a mascot at fellows park . And being a Walsall supporter will probley always bring more downs than ups until we find a billionaire owner but it’s in your blood and I try to go to games in a positive frame of mind but sadly to many supporters go in a negative UTS


Don’t worry, you are just having a @SamsaraSaddler esk episode :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes 18000 + against Sunderland and 25000+ against Newcastle.

Most of 'em walked up and paid on the day .
( think Sunderland was all ticket job ).

Being a Saddler was easier then.


It was, 2/6 to get in at the Laundry end I seem to recall!
Saw a few hum dinger Cup matches in those days too. Crikey, how we could do with Colin Taylor smashing in goals for fun, or Kirby getting stuck in to the opposition, Cookie reminds me of his valour, poor quality but great determination!


RIP SamsaraSaddler


When we scored against Newcastle I was flung forward a few yards and the dent in the railing in the “cowshed” was there until we left Fellows Park!! What memories…I doubt we will ever see those days again unless we get a new owner and a lucky manager.


It could be on TV. Only tie of the round that stands out as being definitely on the telly is Wrexham Vs Newport which would leave another 2/3 (is it one per round on BBC and 2 on BT?) TV games. We might get on on account of us playing Sunderland I guess!