FA Cup Second Round Draw


We are at Sunderland on Saturday March 16th . The international break is after that weekend. There is a full premier programme. The game would be postponed if we ( or them) are still in cup as 6th round then.
Think you will get there!


Underwhelmed to be honest.

Playing them twice in just over a week isn’t great.

Hope they do something radical with the ticket prices. Sunderland certainly don’t need a few grand so hopefully will be agreeable to something quite imaginative.

On the telly it looked like they had around 3,000 at Vale. If we’re on the box they won’t bring more than that (further to travel and the back to back nature of the fixture).

Pay on the day - £10/£5 . Go on Walsall. I dare ya.


I checked a few weeks back. The day we play Sunderland away there is a full Premier League fixture list.

Only one of us getting to the QF’s of the FA Cup could scupper the day now.


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Can’t see this being on the box, to be honest. Quite rightly, Rounds 1 & 2 are generally the non-league clubs’ shot at making some coin; plus, your average football fan isn’t interested in “competitive” fixtures full of players they aren’t familiar with- that’s why the fairytale is the biggest draw until your Champions League regulars join the fray.

Dare I say it… I give us a very decent chance of progressing here. Promotion for Sunderland is 1) significantly more achievable than it is for us, and 2) number one priority by a distance. As such, they may be more tempted than us to rest one or two ahead of the festive league programme. Either way, and by the same token, I imagine they’ll be very keen to avoid a replay, so it could well be a much more open game than the league fixture will be.


Possibly the worst draw we could’ve got - highly reduced chance of going through and with the same team visiting just a week earlier, I wouldn’t expect a major following from either the home or away ways


Thanks for that…I wondered what that symbol was about.


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To be honest, the only possible draws we could have had were Sunderland or Portsmouth.
With the league game so close, this is another terrible draw like Coventry was.
This is reminiscent of our ridiculous away fixture at Leyton Orient in Round 2 a few years ago.
I didn’t see the draw, so which two individuals were responsible for this debacle?


Luke Leahy and Nicky Devlin




This isn’t the first time we’ve played the same team on consecutive Saturdays due to a cup draw is it?
My addled brain is telling me that we’ve definitely done it before but it can’t name the team (or teams).
Can any of you expert statto’s put me right?


I think they will fill it for the cup game if they give us a good shellacking the week before…


I don’t think Jon Whitney is blameless, either.


Never rule it out.


With their fanbase there will be a decent hardcore that never miss a game. Others may not get a ticket for the league game and might want to tick off a new ground.
Whether we proceed or not, Bonser will be happy as the two home ties with a combined attendance of c10K plus the extras will be far better than he could have hoped for in rounds 1 & 2.


Think he would have been happier with an away tie as it is 45% each of the gate receipts.
Perhaps an easy home tie to guarantee the 50k plus prize money and a chance of 130k for a 3rd rd win would have been better still?


What’s one of those? :thinking:


I seem to remember us playing Northampton away two week running a few years ago


I agree that he would have but compared with the many other scenarios he must be more than happy, particularly with the extras that a home tie brings.
It could easily have been Crawley Town away and Rochdale away for example.