Fans asked not to use social media to criticise the club

Saw this today on facebook official message put out by Graham Whittaker asking for fans not to use social media to criticise the club, but as fans are we not entitled to have opinions?
I think fans have a right to expect answers following Saturdays debacle from all concerned at the club instead of the usual oven ready excuses that are normally pedalled out.

If we were top of the League playing sizzling footie,this site would be rammed with praise from fans.No official comment would be made.Certainly we as Fan’s would get no "Official " praise on social media for our comments.So by the same token dont expect proper fans who care to keep quiet about the current awful football we are being served week in week out,and then complain.We have a right to put our views over.


Does his statement actually say people can’t give their opinion on social media? I re-read it and can’t see where he says that.

I am as puzzled as anyone why the statement has been put out though. It seems to be in reaction to something that has happened yet is very vague about what that is which can lead to various people interpreting it in different ways.

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My god it is amateurish :man_facepalming: this can only backfire on the club


SLO is there to bridge the gap between club and fans, or supposed to be. Not to be on a raised platform telling fans to do or not to do something. If there are ‘ill informed comments’ then explain regarding what exactly. To me people have just been angry at the results.

If it’s to do with Kouhyar and the guessing games, maybe the club should be coming out asking fans not to speculate instead of using a SLO to put things out. It’s embarrassing that the club stuck it on their social media platforms and whoever agreed to it all needs PR lessons. Sounds like Roy Whalley put it together!


It’s still not saying you can’t post on social media about the club.

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I agree with this. It needs to be clear what it’s about rather than vague references to “negativity”.

Considering, as a fan base, we’ve always done our fair share of moaning I don’t think this is about general moaning about results.

Seems it’s more about specific moans about those in charge off the pitch. There’s been a few moans about the club not going ahead with the DD scheme and even stuff aimed at Pomlett, along with the Bonsers still pulling the strings conspiracy raising its head again.

Ye some sort of whalley :grin:

Mole was Whalley’s prodigy. :wink:


If it is then they should definitely come out and say so otherwise too many people will feel like they just mean any sort of moaning about results/performances.

Such a shame as the club has done so well to bring everyone together. It only takes one stupid statement to undo such good work.


Which although i don’t post on social media(because i am not on facebook) is still an issue for me.


Misjudged intervention by the SLO.

Silly that it was done on the official site.

But if a Walsall fan posting misjudged/silly things online is a terrible thing then, well, ahem, that’s all of us lot.

Not the end of the world.


Is the SLO a paid or volunteer post?

I thought that was Danger Mouse… :laughing:

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He’s gotta be a masochist to volunteer for that!

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And thats a stupid statement why would they let that out?


Christ what a load of ■■■■■■■■.


Not often we agree mate, but couldn’t have put it better myself :+1: :rofl:


Sounds like a dictatorship.


The club have never been able to distinguish between a few keyboarders and the entire fanbase. Started with Sawyers disproportionate sulk. Pathetic.