Fans asked not to use social media to criticise the club

Never liked either of them, even when fans were saying after Bonzo (supposedly) moved on “they were only following orders”


Agreed, I think they do a good job and think they have improved it a lot. Met one at the fans forum and he’s a nice down to earth guy. Doesn’t deserve criticism, especially if it’s been brought on by this SLO statement coming out which I highly doubt he’d have had total control to post of his own accord.

I imagine it had to go well above them with it being a message/statement to the fans.

I get we’re ■■■■ at the moment but come on, we don’t have to hate everyone and everything.


I was hoping they would change under Pomlett.
With all this pandemic stuff though I think Pomlett is busy trying to sort that and is letting them getting on with running operations day to day. They’re probably getting an easy ride at the moment which I suspect wouldn’t have happened if this was normal times.

The only way it’s going to change is fans contacting Pomlett directly with issues that Mole/Gamble aren’t dealing with sufficiently.

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Agree the pair ■■■■ me right off … useless

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But this is the internet! I don’t come on here to be reasonable. :laughing:


Totally agree that Gamble and Mole are not fit for office, biggest pair of muppets involved in football, it always tickled me to see them walking around the pitch concourse before kick off , as if surveying their kingdom , proper pair of " billy big balls " I be never liked them, perhaps I never will.


Asking fans not to criticise the club on social media at this time is a bit like asking a bear not to ■■■■ in the woods no other way to vent it in the current time and a bit touchy from the club if you ask me.

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When we get back to being able to go back in the stadium wonder if they will play the Who again for music

“Meet the new boss…” you know the rest

Trouble is it looks like we are being fooled again

I get asked 3-4 times a day for a social media review, good, bad or indifferent, only once have I ever been asked not to leave a bad review even if 100% vindicated

When’s Joe Broad coming back, he was great the first time he was here 100% commitment and wore his heart on his sleeve