Fans back in stadiums?

Time for this discussion?

Over a month since the mass protests…no spike.
Two weeks since half a million descended on Bournemouth…no spike, in fact Bournemouth remains an area with very low covid cases.
Over two weeks since tens of thousands of Liverpool fans gathered to celebrate winning the title…no spike.

Surely lower division and non-league clubs that depend on attendance income to keep them going should be able to welcome fans back for 20/21?


I think they have another few weeks to sit on it and monitor the situation. That seems fair, no need to make a decision right now?


Couldn’t this have simply been a comment on the covid thread?

Another two people died of Covid in Wales yesterday so it looks like leisure and hospitality will remain closed until sometime in 2023 at the earliest.


Being as we’re here though, America is slipping completely out of control, the example of what not to do.

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The new ‘normal’ is a very unpleasant whole new world out there now, never felt more like typhoid Mary than when in shops, got a terse “what do you want” by an irritable shop assistant, who then insisted we “stay there, and wait” in a Johnson’s paint shop this morning. (needless to say we walked out, they need reminding that we are profit, they are overheads, covid or not)
Can imagine that if ever we do get back into stadiums, easy to believe that the ‘jobs worth’ stewards, will enjoy there newfound powers, barking orders and instructions…there could be trouble ahead!


Got to be honest, dealing with the general public every day, who are self entitled beyond belief, feel that social distancing need not apply to them, and spare no thought for the welfare and wellbeing of shop workers, gets pretty bloody disheartening, stressful, and upsetting. So perhaps spare the guy, or any shop worker who has had to be there in front of the public day after day because they have to, not because they want to, a thought, before you decide to get ■■■■■■ about not being given your magnolia emulsion in a nice enough fashion!

Shop workers are there to help you, they are not your servants who can be derided or abused because of your whim to buy a product.


If they wanted to, they could make this work. Would need thorough deep clean of seats (imagine what’s under those after 30 years!) and of the turnstiles and loos plus some decent organisation to enable people to take a seat but if cinemas can do it, then football stadia surely can too.

Social distancing scenario for cinemas:

That seems to equate to approx 20% capacity based on 2m rule. For us that could enable 2K fans in. Drop the distance to 1m and you could accommodate best part of 4k.


Living in Texas, I can vouch for that. We’ve had massive spikes here and nationwide, our hospitals are at their breaking points. The federal government, especially President Chump, have handled this crisis badly, he says one thing, then another 30 minutes later. He’s way too busy abusing his (many) critics rather than running the country and helping to stem the tide of this pandemic.
We were called back too soon, beaches and bars were packed to the rafters, no social distancing, no masks - no wonder the virus returned with avengeance.
Now our young people are infected and some dying because they didn’t listen to the numerous (daily) warnings we’ve had since March, and (sorry, have to say this) their own stupidity!
I really hope this second wave turns the irresponsible citizens into responsible ones - listen to what the doctors are telling you and apply it to your lives.
It takes a cooperative effort from the people and the government. Over here, it makes the task very difficult due to the lack of leadership from the White House. He is (by far) the most incompetent person who has ever held office there.
I could write for hours about him and his complete ineffectiveness as a world leader and the sycophants who surround him, but I won’t bore you with the details.
I hope our youngsters start paying attention - now.


Quite simply no and why should it be? Its about football, specifically watching our football club, so is therefore a thread for AAW.


I agree, but there is football going on right now, and will be for a few weeks. There has been talk of using certain matches as “tests” for the upcoming season.

I don’t think that would be necessary given that football stadia seats are outdoors and used typically infrequently, certainly no sooner than three or four days apart, and often weeks apart.
Turnstyles might well be a thing of the past though, and to be honest I don’t know why we have them anyway in this day and age, just an unecessary inconvenience as far as I’m concerned.

The bogs are going to be the big sticking point. Those clubs that have separate in and out doors, and individual urinals or stalls so you can keep people at least 1m apart will be OK, but ours are continuous troughs and only 1 door in and out. Would need extra stewards on to do some sort of traffic control.

Of course they could just close them completely - but think of the mess from some of our less fussy fans after a few pre-match pints! :see_no_evil:

See Fellows Park was years ahead of its time!



The smell of recycled alcohol from those bogs will stay with me forever


remember them well

Wish you could buy it in a can for a step back in time moment

During our years in the FP enclosure and a particularly crap game during Sibley s reign one of our friends came back from the bog and announced that there was more excitement in there than on the pitch. Never did find out what he saw😯

Are you sure he didn’t say excrement?

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Plenty of that as well although on pitch performances under Sibley were a bit crap.

Yes but Sibley had a poor number 2 ( on the Bristol Stool scale )