Fellows Park Playoff Final


If you’ve got a couple of hours spare, you can re-live the 1988 playoff final replay v Bristol City in this video. Full match and post-game crowd scenes.


I was there lol :+1:


Me too !


…and me.
Some well-known names on the Bristol side - Joe Jordan, Steve McLaren and Rob Newman. I think David Baddiel was on the bench that day.


I was there, crammed behind some flatulent bloke which was so bad I vomited on the bridge post game. Rank.

I was one of the first to run into the pitch, but Trevor Christie told us to get back as it was premature. When the real ending came I hesitated a couple of vital seconds and was one amongst many in the throng.


Also there


One of the best days as a saddler that I can remember


That’d be a good poll. Best ever Saddlers day. This, Millenium, Dosh promotion awayday, Wembley…any others?


Some good ones - Arsenal 83, Liverpool, Shrewsbury away, but Mill Stadium should win.


Me too! I was there. Apart from someone nearly urinating on my leg and having to smell pith most of the game it was one of my best memories of FP😂


I was there to 30 years ago where has the time gone !! If you hear at the start match sponsor is one JW BONSER where have I heard that name before lol !


Best ever day for me in over 50 years being a Saddler. Going up via a play off final replay on the hallowed turf at the real home of Walsall FC.


I was there in the cowshed with my dad. He said on the way there that ‘we’d hammer’ them, which was most unusual as he was & still isn’t ever confident on way to matches.

Ditto all the games above as great memories, I think hammering Stoke in playoff semi is also up there.


I have had many great days mainly at fellows park but for me the play off win at the Milleniun we were the underdogs just turning up to make the numbers, were out numbered fan wise and had to fight back to win.


This has to be the best experience as a Saddler, the Saturday night prior to it was quite an interesting night as well, with the Bristol fans staying over.

The Watford 4-4 wasn’t bad either


Now Arsenal, that was some game :ok_hand: i was also at Liverpool


Again me too at both games, also had a good hiding at Everton when i was about 15…happy days !


:joy: i got belted at both Arsenal and Liverpool :joy:


Sheffield United away when we sent them down was the scariest…just keep your mouth shut till we get back to the car was probably one of the best bits of advice i have ever been given !


:joy::+1: ye i was there as well, the announcer on the tannoy told them that another game had gone their way just to get them off the pich, if i remember right the end that we were in had mesh around it to stop us getting on the pitch? not that we wanted to lol, and i saw some of our players getting kicked by their fans, oh the joys :rofl: