Ferrier Gone

Morgan Ferrier is no longer on the books. Which club and how much maybe time will tell but in DC we trust.

Good bit of business,good luck to him,AND Tranmere (possibly)…:grin:

Where’s he gone? I hope we got more than £35k for him, which is what he cost us. I don’t think he’s a great loss - he didn’t really do much last season. I hope we get two good replacements in and quick.

We definitely need another striker in before Saturday now.

Won’t be long before he’s rubbing people up the wrong way wherever it is he’s gone that’s just how he is I think

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Morgan Ferrier off to Tranmere -hopefully for a profitable fee- good news as he hasn’t really realised his potential at Walsall in last year’s
abysmal team. DC seems to share the new Chairman’s vision for the club and I was very impressed with the press conference with our new “ambitious pragmatist” . (His words not mine!)
How refreshing after all these years of Bonser strangle hold on the player budget and lack of ambition .
Up the Saddlers !

Has Adebayo been given the #9 shirt?

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Glad he has gone, dont need any rotten apples spoiling the new optimism down the Banks’s :slight_smile:

Stroppy little â– â– â– â– â–  who had a rather over inflated opinion of his meager talents


Hope it is Trampmere as I have a mate who supports them as he lives in the Wirral and he was not a happy bunny when we took Cookie from them and if we have dumped the Ferrier on them !!!.


Hold on… What happened to my thread this morning?

Really hope he’s not, would like a more proven number nine!

I presume Ferrier has to agree personal terms… Does this mean it could fall through, a bit like Southend…

If he has gone to Tranmere will he be known as “Ferrier across the Mersey”…:rofl:


Adebayo impressed me against the Villa

Shrugging premier league centre halves like they werent there, he was being a nuisance

Think he could shine in this league if he can hit the onion bag

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Were Boreham Wood entitled to a sell-on fee for him or am I just imagining that?

The mods accepted an undisclosed bid from an undisclosed other forum for it.

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Looks like a done deal wherever he’s off to. Nothing official announced yet though?

Playing football, rather than attending those English lessons seem to have paid off.


Good riddance, disruptive one trick pony