Interesting to read this. Apparently Southend had a bid accepted for Ferrier, yet the deal fell through at the last minute. I wonder where this leaves him now?


This is unbelievable. Why are we getting players in a month before the season starts then selling them after just 6 months.

It’s a absolute joke.

So we now have a supposedly disruptive player here who knows he isn’t wanted by the club. I like him but we need to now force him to take a loan move to the conference not the most appealing but tell him that he won’t get game time now and hope it pushes him. Won’t end well keeping him around now.


We haven’t.

Maybe because Southend offered us money for him and Keates thinks he could have either done without or replaced him at some point. Especially with Oteh coming in, when he’s back from injury, where does that leave him? 4th choice possibly. And despite his possible potential, maybe Keates/the board see it as a way to offload him because he seems like he has abit of an attitude, which wont get him too far, so offloading him probably wasn’t the worst possible idea.

This is what happens when you don’t have a strategy in place and scout players before panic-buying when everything is falling apart a month before the season starts.

We are reaping the rewards of the usual penny pinching in the summer


Ferrier was scouted (similar to Cook or Gordon, they weren’t signed by accident), club paid to have him, but sadly, something’s went wrong after good start of the season. I think he was the only player, who tried to start a fight with his teammate, so I suspect some attitude problem. And now he is fourth striker, who is probably very annoyed how this season unfolded.

A scout report would not highlight an attitude problem then?

Course it would, he rubs people up the wrong way everywhere he goes - a basic google search brings up plenty of evidence. But we had no choice, we had to get him in as we had no team.

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Hmmm. Morgan Ferrier.

Here we have another example of the modern footballer. Nice name, a couple of modicums of ability, that have been demonstrated sporadically (and that’s being generous) throughout his “career” as a pro footballer. That career being big club academy failure, non-league ok prospect, various fall-outs and transfer soap opera to-ings and fro-ings, before being given a decent chance by little old us to actually knuckle down and forge a career in league football.

What have we had for 6 months? Basically just more of the above. Scrapping with team mates, non-existent decision making ability as regards when to pass or shoot, resulting in a couple of wonder goals amid a myriad of wasted attacks.

Ferrier and Cooke are like chalk and cheese, give me the latter all day long. Cooke wants to progress and improve inspite of 10 years waiting for a chance in league football, a process that could well have given him a massive chip on his shoulder being that he started at a lower league club where he couldn’t get a break, while literally hundreds of worse players than him have had that opportunity in that decade - many at our club.

Ferrier on the other hand… would have been a great bit of business to get 75k for him and make him someone elses problem wanabee , but as usual the soap opera surrounding/in him couldn’t even allow that to occur. My money says he’ll be on celebrity (look at my abs I used to be a footballer that nobody ever heard of) come dancing/love island/get me out of here, around about the time Cookie is ploughing his belated total of league goals between the 100-150 mark.


Because he’s completely tailed off after a good start and we have 5 strikers in the squad?

Am I missing something here? People are banging on about an attitude problem and as evidence are using a dispute between his agent and his former club and a pull apart that was resolved literally the next game. Particularly when we don’t know the context of said pull apart. Luke Leahy doesn’t seem to be being accused of an attitude problem.

Great bit of businesss if it had gone through, and one I would backed for a change. Player has been a huge flop.

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There might be a genuine reason for it,
but when the club released the video of the squad visiting The Manor at Christmas, he was the only first team player not to be seen. You’d think that with him being one of the key members of the squad around that time that the club would insist on him being there

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I’d quite like us to stick with Ferrier and work through this difficult spell he’s having. There’s clearly talent there and something like this could well be the catalyst to kick start his season.

Just to offer an alternative view on his ‘attitude’, he was one of the first players on the pitch after the Gillingham game congratulating Cook for his hat-trick despite being injured and not in the squad. He walked round the pitch with him and looked to be genuinely happy for his strike partner.

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That’s not true, #Mighty_Saddler, he was in the photos but was wearing a bandana and was stood behind one of the taller players like Guthrie. Let’s be fair, we would accept £75k for 90% of our players: many will leave in the summer. Ferrier has raw potential: strong, explosive, skilful and pacy; but he’s also temperamental, inconsistent and tactically naive. I wouldn’t have minded him going but I also think that he could chip in with some important goals between now and the end of the season. Also, didn’t Mussa praise Ferrier and Ishmel for being like ‘big brothers’ to him, recently? The difference between the start of the season and now is results. Even Neymar would be no good if PSG had our back 4 from the first half of the season! Maybe if we can’t get the one we want, we should love the ones we have (at the club)…

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So Ferrier turns down a move closer to home on more money and people are still being bitches over it. These are the same people who bang the loyalty drum when a player they actually like moves. You can’t have it both ways. I actually think it’s quite refreshing that he wants to stay. I want players there who want to fight for their place. I back him to pick up his early season form.


That’s fair enough, I stand corrected. From what I saw in the video released he wasn’t featured. I’ve just seen that he’s on some photos from the same visit on the OS though.

I guess he is an all round good egg after all :wink:

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Like the man in the orthopaedic shoe… :stuck_out_tongue::grinning::+1:t2:

I’d hazard a guess that the reported “disappointment” from our end is due to the probability that the £75k from the Ferrier move was the balancing figure of our January transfer dealings. After all, its the first of the month today so the rent’s due.

As regards him wanting to stay and fight for his place, the club statement from Southend can be quoted as saying he had an “obvious will” to move nearer the south east, so that must have come from Morgs himself during the period of negotiation prior to the proposed move. So it looks to me more like he’s messed everyone around by saying one thing then at the last minute doing another.