He reminds me of Demontagnac, fantastic player but problematic, and it was that that took over in the end, hope someone gives him ishy’s telephone number.


I think he will force his way back into the team at some point this season…and will have learnt a valuable lesson that will benefit him,the club and Andy Cook.


Masi couldn’t get to the bottom of a pint glass😂 Oops think I’m obsessed again.


Starting today. All very odd imo.


What seems odd about it? Club accept bid, player says he wants to stay and prove he’s good enough, deal falls through.

I don’t really see what’s so hard to understand to be honest.


Well he hasn’t started the recent matches (Gordon ahead in pecking order), club signed new guy on loan who I expected to start and given he was supposed to be in Southend Thursday evening it dosen’t suggest someone integral to the team planning for Rochdale this week…apart from that…

I say that as someone who rates Ferrier btw. However he would not have been in DK team on Thursday evening and all the planning that goes with that as expectation would’ve been everything would’ve been agreed with Southend.

Anyway he’ll score the winner now I’m sure. Way football works.


There would be no point rejecting the deal on the basis the player wants to prove himself if you don’t give him chances to do so.

Oteh wouldn’t have been in the side himself until mid week. Ferrier has already played with Cook and every member of the midfield. I can’t see it being a big deal organisation wise to be honest.

Hope you are right though and if he doesn’t we can also bring Oteh on after an hour.


Worst. Thread. Ever.