FGR game ( Guess the attendance )

With all things new about our club. I don’t think anybody really knows how many will flock to the Bescot this Saturday. Pomlett wants 6k can we do it.?
I will start us off 5777 which would be a great start with only a hundred or so FGR fans.UTS

Think we’ll hit the 6000 mark you know.


I’m saying 5653 with 243 forest green fans

5,325 with 127 from Nailsworth.

Anybody know last time we hit 6k home fans not including play offs or semi final vs preston

Wolves in the league when they dropped down?

5000 for me, I don’t see the fans flooding back (yet)

5701 (167 from FGR)

5,233 for me…and that would be a good start with FGR bringing around 200.

4,813 ~ still the school holidays.

5434 with 303 from FGR

6001 with 150 FGR fans

Hope I’m way out with this, 4422

4500 would be my estimate which is still good concidering we had only sold 3000 before saturday, build it and they will come was the quote from a film, and LP will build it in time.

4,782. With FGR bringing 207.

6101 with 101 away fans

5,000 WOULD be the fans flocking back…I’d say 4,200.If we could get an average of 100 extra fans every home game,by the end of the season we would be getting 6,000 gates,which would all bode well for season ticket sales next year.

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4520 - 250 away.

We wasn’t getting 6000 when pushing for automatic promotion, think a few are getting carried away.

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4813, the sleeping giant’s alarm clock isn’t ringing yet.