First signing of the summer

How is this recruitment going to work? Is Jordan going to spin his hard drive which will then presumably spew out a few names? Then what? Does Sadler then interview them or do they have to go through a thorough interview process? Who is leading this?

I have read lots of assumptions but have no understanding how this supposed recruitment process is going to work.

Presumsbly we will then be shocked they turn down a tenner a week and a bag of scratchings win bonus!

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Rant over. Im just frustrated with the lack of clarity on everything to do with this football club.

I agree with the Yellow Ribbon Podcast who suggested the most important signing is backroom staff.
Sadler can’t do it on his own. He needs assistants:

  • an experienced coach (preferably Richard O’Kelly),
  • someone to replace whatever he was doing for the last 2 seasons,
  • and didn’t we also use to have a fitness coach (or did Jon Whitney do that)?

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This was the argument last summer and I think we’d made 10+ signings by the time the players returned for pre-season and yet we had now discernable improvement or particularly quick start to the season (although the volume of players in over the whole summer didn’t help that). Getting It may be that we have to be patient for the better players who will no doubt shop around and play clubs off against each other to get their best offer.

If someone offered me survival next season now , I’d take it

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An amputee and octogenarian as an absolute minimum to build for a push.

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gonna be a break or make season
I’ve a feeling we either shine and dominate and finish top 3 with some great wins along the way
Or we crash burn and get relegated
Just feel with sadler in charge and the new style of recruitment and style of play we either soar or crash
I can’t see this being a boring 12-18th kinda season

We shouldn’t be signing people late. Trivela have had this recruitment plan in place for a while according to Boycott’s love letter so he should have been looking at what we need ages ago.


I actually think the eleven we have contracted isn’t a bad starting point at all. We’ve known seasons where we could barely put out a five a side team going into the summer.

I think six of the eleven are good enough to be part of a promotion challenging side - Evans, Daniels, Riley, Macantee (in his midfield berth) Hutchinson and Matt. It might be that a good pre season elevates Gordon into that mob. I think Knowles, Maher, Comley and a fit Meneyese are really good back up who could play twenty games and not diminish the side.

We need another ten to a dozen players. Two or three loans on season long deals from top clubs and then the rest is about budget. Trivela need to back their man, particularly in regards to a centre forward and centre half.

It would be nice if those two positions were our first two signings.


Exactly what I was going to say after reading through the last few posts P.T.

We’ve been guilty for the last how many years signing a striker towards the end of the budget when there’s been little left to spend on them, and the rest of the squad has been filled, but this is surely one of the most, if not the most important signings the club can make in terms of getting other players to sign as they can see we mean business, and also gives the club a better chance of getting more through the turnstiles.

We always seem to go quantity instead of quality when building a squad but this continually fails, we need the best players we can sign possible but this will make for a smaller squad in comparison to other seasons but quality is what’s needed if we are serious about competing in this league.



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Another reason why we fail to sign quality players is the lack of draw that the club has. Why would, say, a Louie Barry choose Walsall over Swindon or Northampton? What have we got to offer? Our training ground isn’t bad, and the stadium is okay but we need to convince players in demand to choose us. That might be a hard job for a rookie manager to do - it’s not just about money.

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Its mainly about money im afraid…this is where we will see what Trivela are made of (or not).

Agree and I hope we do sign 1 or 2 GOOD strikers / goal scorers ASAP. But unfortunately because they are the most in demand the good ones can afford to hedge their bets and no doubt their agents are pushing them to wait until last minute and take best financial offer on the table so that they get the biggest cut possible. Cant’t blame the players, but think it’s a lot harder than it seems to get top quality goal scorers signed up early.


Completely correct. And with that we have to draw good form and potential from players that other teams hadnt thought a lot of. Remember Tom Bradshaw…

I dont think we have a inherent right to know how our recruitment system operates. Open source information can make us less competitive, especially if its published.

Now i’m not saying we have a good system but if we are developing a good re recruitment system then that information should stay closed to keep us ahead of other clubs.

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Even with the players we’ve currently got signed, we’d stay up! There’s enough quality there to do well in this league. Add another 5-6 quality players plus a few loans and we have the basis of a good side.


We would finish 24th out of 24 with the existing players, since January our form is 23rd out 24 and that was with some loanees and the released.

The fewer of the failed current players in our team next season, the more chance we will have of promotion.

Sadler is unlikely to have a list of targeted players he’s had his eye on.

He wasn’t a candidate until April

He’d have had one month max to do his research. He won’t like other managers have been sounding out agents etc since Xmas time when the last window shut

You bet a seasoned campaigner like Evans has contacts all over the place, knowing agents whose in and out of contract etc

We appointed the guy who picked up the bibs and cones after the other pair.

I really really hope all my thoughts on this are wrong.