First signing of the summer

That first signing needs to be someone that makes us all stop and go “wow how have we signed him”. It needs to be a marquee signing. It’s the only way some faith can be restored. If we sign some journeyman (a Williams type signing) I fear the worst for us. We’ll be on the backfoot instantly

Agreed mate but a lot of clubs seem to get their strike force signed up early enough and don’t take a gamble and end up waiting for all the dregs.

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So you don’t think Evans, Riley, Gordon, Daniels, McEntee, Comley, Knowles, Hutchinson and Matt isn’t the basis for a good team? No team last season really gave us a beating - granted the performances at Crewe and Harrogate weren’t good but that was after Flynn had lost the dressing room. If we can sign a quality centre-half, Number 8, a left-winger/wide midfielder and a goalscorer then we won’t be far away. Over to you, Trivela!


Really surprised we havent sign dj already, with no o.kelly in team saddler already looking desperate.

I suppose it depends on your view of last season.

If you think that generally we played well but were unlucky and that our league position is not a fair reflection of the quality of our team, then you will believe that we already have the basis of a good side.

I take the opposite view, that we had a very poor squad last season, and that our position of 16th (and 23rd since the departure of DJ and Bennett) was a fair reflection of the individual weaknesses of the players, rather than through either bad luck or poor coaching.

Perhaps you are right, I hope so. Time will tell.

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As the Verve said. The dregs don’t work.


I hope I’m right, for all our sakes! But, I take your point, 2 wins in 23 games is hardly promotion form. I’m just hoping that with a bit more creativity in midfield, the signing of a goalscorer and more experience for the likes of Knowles and Hutch, we will be up there challenging. If it goes tts up, then Solihull Moors isn’t far away from me!

We better look forward to another bitter sweet seasony!!


No he isn’t


Hope we get the deal for DJ over the line, would be a significant morale booster

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I guess he would be their main target to flog a few re-opened early fool tickets.


So if someone buys a season ticket for their club it means they are a fool .

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A bit rich from someone who loves old Nige :wink:

I got one first in the queue.

Been banging on about this for ages, especially when the usual suspects are rolling out the “decent squad with a few additions” bollocks 2 times a year.

You need to have 2 or 3 players of high quality that every team in that division would happily have, to stand any chance…

We have been starved of quality for so long, we accept mediocre as absolutely amazing.


gonna be a break or make season
I’ve a feeling we either shine and dominate and finish top 3 with some great wins along the way
Or we crash burn and get relegated
Just feel with sadler in charge and the new style of recruitment and style of play we either soar or crash
I can’t see this being a boring 12-18th kinda season.

I agree.

Is that the Irish version of that well known saying? :grin:

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Time saves nine

Come on Westie jack, I’m getting bored waiting for some inside info, surely you can give us a few scraps of hope.

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