First Signing

Big beardy bloke!

Not a surprising signing. Welcome Stuart!

Great news. Just what we need in my opinion. The first of many

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Delighted with this. Sounds like a really positive addition to the squad:

Clarke, who signed Sinclair at Bristol Rovers, added: “He’s a lad I know very, very well and he’s shared many a promotion with me.

“He’s the sort of personality and character we need to be bringing into the changing room. He knows how to get success out of League Two.

“Not only does he bring on-field ability, he’s a great lad and we need a bit of leadership in the changing room, more so this season.

“He ticks a lot of boxes and I’m delighted to have got him. He’s had plenty of offers on the table but I’m grateful he’s chosen to link up with myself and Walsall.”

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Pleased with this signing.

No information on length of contract?

More than happy with this signing.

good one this really like him a chambers type of player.

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All the rovers fans are raving about him on twitter! Hopefully can be our dobbo of 07

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What length is the contract

Standard a4 …


Needs a good shave but looks a good player and a good solid platform to start rebuilding the team :+1:

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One reservation: we already have two deep lying centre mids, Dobson and Kinsella. Not really an area we needed strengthening and many we do.

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Exactly the type of player we needed. Experience, mop up and throw everything on the line - badly missed one since Chambers injury.

With him, Kinsella and Dobson fighting it out for the midfield two I’m happy. Now let’s get an Oztumer/Sawyers type behind Gordon.


Being invaded by Pirates aye we :smiley::skull_and_crossbones:
Welcome addition very much a Fans player. Hope we do sign some goalscoring wingers though because as it looks with Kinsella Dobbo and Sinclair there ain’t too many goals there on paper. Welcome and Good luck Stuart :handshake::handshake:


Think this frees Dobson up. He always seems uncomfortable playing as the holding midfielder so hopefully he’ll have more attacking license next season.

Not sure what this signing suggests regards Kinsella, he’s not signed up yet…


Bloody love the beard. Rovers fans speak highly of him, as does Clarke. Always been impressed when he played against us, keeps it nice and simple.


Well he puts my bloody beard to shame…


Exactly the type of player you need in league 2. Happy with this!


A leader on and off the pitch by the sounds of it… very much needed… also experience which we have been crying out for. If we can get an experienced centre back and goalkeeper… with and sprinkle of players with potential… I will be very happy