Fiver Finale v Doncaster

Desperate :man_facepalming:

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Anywhere? Bagsie the dugout!


*Co-Chairman Ben Boycott is thankful for your support this season and is hopeful that the team can end the season on a high!

"As we actively prepare for next season, we are eager to end the current campaign on a high! Striving to celebrate this town and this football club together!

*“Your support all season has been outstanding - let’s get behind the team one last time!" *

Supporters with any booking history from this season can purchase tickets by calling the Ticket Office on 01922 651 416, visiting the Ticket Office window or by purchasing on our eticketing site.

Support the lads in our season finale for just £5 as we look to end the 2022/23 campaign in style!


I’m on a luxury cruise so won’t be able to attend this so have sold my ticket to Everton Andy at my usual rate, he’ll be fuming that he could have got a ticket for a fiver. :laughing:


Imagine charging a mate to go and watch that.


The Caribbean is…

No wonder you live in a stately home and hobnob with the Royals, I give my ST away if a match clashes with a holiday. I obviously need to be more financially ruthless so that I can fund the lifestyle to which I would like to become accustomed.


Always a tough place to go to


I was thinking exactly the same. Have always just given it away. One of the reasons I’m not going on a cruise probably.


:joy: Is anyone actually still buying this tripe?


There is a very familiar whiff of bullshit in the air.

As usual there are pretty much two camps emerging on here.

  1. Those that recognise the smell, can tell where its coming from and are starting to ask why.
  2. Those that stick a peg on their hooter, and then tell those in category 1 that they’re imagining the whole thing and need to stop moaning about it.

Interesting summer ahead :thinking:

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Not JUST a cruise, a luxury cruise :smiley:

What do you mean, it’s a great offer. Same price as a pint :wink:


If we wasn’t so crap, we certainly wouldn’t be selling £5 tickets

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Indeed. Imagine if we needed a win to get in the playoffs (vivid imagination required) :joy:

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Shouldn’t we be getting pro rata money back on our STs for all these ‘bring your mate for a fiver’ games ?



Should be an apology offering. A finale would require some anticipation - I think most can’t wait for the season to be over. Many would pay a £5 not to have to sit through watching us draw a blank.

Someone elsewhere was asking for new ideas. Whilst not exactly new I think it is good. I doubt I will be there as I have another function to attend and I won’t be selling my season ticket to anyone!!

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Slightly disappointed they only managed to shoehorn in 3 exclamation marks to the article commemorating the offer to end the season in style.

I’d write a strongly worded letter of complaint.

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