Fixture Release Day - 23rd June

Another thrashing football lesson for us.
Fed up of losing to Swindon 3 times a year

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At least swidon there fans know how to get to the ground. Got to say apart from crewe thier no near by fixtures with cost of petrol, do you think our american benefactors can put some coaches on.

Happy with the draw, I wanted a winnable home tie and that’s what we’ve got, would be nice to go on a little run and boost the coffers. Hopefully the club will price it attractively so we get a bumper audience.

Tyrese Shade with a 92nd minute winner here we come.

Need to win a round for that to happen once in about a decade.

Hopefully Flynn goes full strength. Good thing here is he knows from his Newport days the momentum you can get from having a good cup run so I expect one under him in next two seasons.

I reckon I’ll make that trip

Agree with what others have said. Scanned through, as you do, looking for when we play the bigger teams in the league, the bigger matches. Got to the end and realeased, oh, there aren’t any. Sure fans of other teams will feel the same, we’ll be viewed very much in the same way.

Really bought home how poor this league is, that anyone could beat anyone, anyone could get promoted or relegated and fine the margins will be between challenging and struggling.

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Looking at the bookies lists, it appears that they agree with you.

According to Sky Bet, we’re fifth favourites for promotion, after Salford, Stockport, Bradford and Mansfield.

That is a surprise.

It will be all based on betting patterns Walsall get taken over by rich Americans fans lump money on to get promoted betting company see a increase in wagers and decrese the odds for insurance. Same if a 1000s people all put a £10 each on barrow to win the league there odds would shorten even though the chances of them winning the league are next to none.

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